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Life Can Be Complicated

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complicated bondage

Dan and I have both been busy with pet projects lately and I just haven’t had much time for blogging, I’m sorry to say. Things just keep rolling along and every once in a while I look up and ask, “What day is this?” Then I about fall over when I realize another week has gotten away from me.

The one thing we have made time for is us. We’ve taken the time for dinners out, movies, and long walks. I love walking with my sweetie and those walks have been so nice. We’ve been going at different times but I have to say, I love the evening and nighttime walks the best.

I love the nighttime here best anyway, it’s so fresh and clear then. There’s none of the hustle and bustle of the daytime. It’s like a different place.

There’s been the usual every day spankings, nothing too epic to report. It’s such a part of our normal routine that I don’t think to mention it. Besides, it’d get boring fast.

For example, yesterday I got spanked with a Jokari paddle and the rubber spatula. Both spankings burned my bottom and made me hop around a bit, but nothing real exciting. I think both times I was getting ready to walk out the door so it was just a quickie.

See? We’ve become boring spankos. Or is that what happens sometimes when you settle down and get happy with someone? At least if we’re going to become less exciting, I can rely on the regularity of the spankings. I suppose if I wasn’t getting any spankings at all, I’d be upset, but as it is, I’m just happy.

I know, it’s weird. I’ve never been consistently blissful like this before. It’s always there just under the surface of things, bubbling up every so often to remind me how happy I am. I giggle at the oddest times. It’s very strange, but I like it so I’m not complaining; just explaining.

I’m sure we’ll be getting up to something exciting and momentus enough to blog about soon, but for now, we’re just coasting along. I know, I’ve said we’re going to do something exciting for a while now. Exciting is good, I know that, but right now, this is pretty awesome, too.

Don’t give up on me though, I’m still here. I may just have to start posting more about spanko life in general though. How about some pretty pictures or my latest shopping finds? I’m always finding something worth mentioning! Plus I have a couple of animations I’ve been working on for fun. I’ll think of something, I always do. *wink*


The Joys Of Summer

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enjoying the summer

The days are long and the weather has been wonderful lately. We’ve got a great view so I spend lots of time just looking out the window and daydreaming.

The other day Dan and I went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then took a long leisurely drive to enjoy the scenery. It was beautiful. I’m not quite up to par or I would’ve wanted out of the car to do some exploring. Instead we just drove and chatted.

It’s the safest thing to do with Dan. He gets anywhere near the wilderness and his mind turns to switches, nettles, and all kinds of other methods of rustic kinkiness. Not that I mind! My bottom just feels safer when I’ve got the energy to run fast and manuever well.

I don’t know if any of the other hikers out in the woods noticed us the day Dan found a nice long switch and was happily whipping me along the trail. That was fun! I’m just glad I didn’t run smack into someone along the way.

“Oh hi! Don’t pay attention to the guy with the big switch, please.”

Then as soon as they were gone and Dan had caught up, we’d just have continued our game. Funny, that just makes me want to go on a nice long hike. I wonder, are there good switches near the beach here? Now that would be a great combination! I may have to ask Dan about that.


Lovin’ and Spankin’

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Sorry, I haven’t had any momentus spankings to report, but we’ve sort of fallen into a nice, comfortable spanko routine around here. That’s due partially to the fact that I had an inner ear infection that put a damper on the quick tosses over Dan’s knee that’s normally a part of our daily interaction.

Any quick movement sent my head spinning which made going over his knee a new and very unsettling experience. We worked around it though so I haven’t been missing out on any good spanks. Which is a good thing because having that infection was bad enough, if I hadn’t been getting my regular spanks, I’d have been a very unhappy gal.

Since the spankings have been short and to the point, I’ve seen quite a bit of that evil rubber spatula and the stingy little wooden oar. Dan even pulled out that nasty loopy cane paddle. I did some serious whining about that thing coming out to play. Not that it mattered!

Oh well, at least I can’t complain about my bottom not getting enough attention.

Also, since I’ve been inside a lot, I’ve been playing with my images again. I made stickers and magnets with the image above for some of my Den friends for the prize packages. That just got me started so between playing with those and doing lots of online Soduko puzzles, I’ve been keeping myself occupied.

I figure once I’m totally healthy I’ll be back with a really good spanking to relate. Right now we’re just taking it easy though. Although I’m not so sure you can really call it easy when that nasty loopy cane paddle is still in the toy bag!


Just For Fun

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The craze of lol cats is spreading! First it was the cats and other funny animals, then it started spreading further and further out. Now Erosblog has joined in with a take on the Google Maps camera van.

You have to go read Bacchus’ post, it’s quite entertaining!

If you substitute “masturbate” with “get spanked,” it would be more relevant to my world. I worry enough, but after reading that post, now I’m really worried about what they’ve recorded on our street. What if the camera really did see me getting spanked???

Okay, can’t think about that. Gotta think about the kittehs.

Here’s one of my faves to take my mind off of it.


Don’t you love it?


Toy Identification

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Okay, since a couple of people asked (Hi Terri and Tracy!), I thought I’d show a better picture of these toys. On the tag they’re called paddleball games but they’re not the traditional round style.

These have holes marked with numbers for some kind of scoring game, but that didn’t go well for me. I tried for a bit, then decided the elastic string was too long and the ball too bouncy because I couldn’t get the silly ball to land in the holes and stay there.

After several minutes of aggravation, which was made worse when Dan growled at me that if I hit him in the head with that ball I’d be in trouble, I gave up. I removed the string from the hole, sanded down all the sharp edges, and made myself a new spanking toy. Problem solved! Ha!

The toy itself is a little over 12″ long, around 2″ at the wide spots, and just over 1/4″ thick.


I’m just glad I didn’t hit Dan in the head with the ball when I was playing with it. It’s one thing if I pervert something on my own but completely another if Dan does it for me. Or rather, to me! *grin*

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