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Sunday Night Spanking

sunday night toys

This new regime of Dan’s is starting to grow on me! This picture shows the toys that made their mark on my bottom Sunday night. They combined to make me one very sore but happy gal!

Now before I tell you all about my spanking, I want to list the toys in the picture. It’s almost the gift-giving season and in case anyone is interested, I’ll include links for the toys if I know the source. I’m planning to make a list of spanko gift suggestions but I might as well start with these!

From top to bottom, acrylic paddle (no source known since it was a gift), Cocobola Nipple Clamps, Lolly Crop, our Leather Thorn Strap, a vintage 18″ ruler, Rose paddle, Dan’s favorite hair brush (bought it at Walmart), and the rubber paddle (that site’s description says it all btw).

The night started out with us snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. It would have been very vanilla if I hadn’t been wearing a skimpy black dress with my “Spank Me” panties on underneath and a butt plug nestled snugly in my bottom. Also, Dan had the rubber paddle and hairbrush on the end table ready for action.

As soon as the movie was over, we got right down to business. I went over the arm of the couch and Dan went to work on my eager bottom. The soreness of the previous spankings was gone and I was ready for another good spanking. He pulled my panties up tight between my cheeks so that the butt plug had no chance of slipping out and after a few hand spanks, started using the hair brush.

He did his usual thorough job of spanking my entire bottom and the resulting stinging warmth was spreading nicely. I was ready for something with more bite and Dan must have sensed it because the next implement he chose was the rubber paddle. That paddle is a heavy duty toy and each stroke with it felt like it was searing into my bottom. That’s a seriously ouchie toy! But I love it. Oh yeah, spank me, baby!

Dan didn’t disappoint and he spanked me long and hard while I groaned and hissed my way through it. That initial impact is intense and it takes a while for the burn to turn into a glow, but it’s worth the wait for me. Dan slipped his hand under my panties and let me know just how wet I was. He asked if I was enjoying my spanking and I assured him I was. I mumbled it a bit since my face was buried in the couch, but I didn’t think he minded.

Dan was ready for a new toy so he gave me a few extra hard swats with the rubber paddle before picking up the heavy Leather Thorn Strap. I love that thing. It’s heavy so it always provides the intensity I crave and Dan was swinging it hard and fast.

He used it all across my bottom and down to about mid-thigh. I howled and kicked every time the strap landed on my lower thighs. He did it just often enough to keep me off guard.

At some point Dan asked me a question and between my gasping out the answer and having my face in the couch seat, he didn’t hear me. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to tell me to speak up so he could tell how I was doing so I was in trouble. He decided to give me some penalty strokes for not speaking up properly as he’d instructed. He reminded me it was for my own good as he picked up that acrylic paddle. Now that got my attention!

The acrylic paddle is a heavy and completely non-forgiving spanking implement. More than once that paddle has left my bottom sore enough to make sitting a challenge. It’s very much like the lexan in intensity.

Dan asked me if I was going to speak up in the future and when I assured me I was, he told me I better or I’d get more penalty strokes. Then he gave me two hard swats on both cheeks. I arched up and hissed hard while kicking my feet into the side of the couch. Those swats burned deep and before they could completely sink in, Dan went back to swinging the big strap.

I wish I could say those were the only penalty strokes I received, but they weren’t. Ouch!

After the strap Dan dialed it down a bit and used the Rose Paddle I love so much. On my already tenderized bottom though, even it felt extra stingy. It still felt good though and soon I was moaning and pushing my bottom up for more.

Insert a couple of penalty strokes here. Ouch again!

Then Dan began using the Lolly crop on my already well-spanked bottom. The head on that thing is a bit heavy but it’s perfect for spanking the parts that don’t get enough attention from the bigger paddles. It felt especially good on the lowest inside part of my bottom. I spread my legs to make it easier for him to keep spanking that area. Mmmmm…

Then Dan asked me something. Yeah, more penalty strokes with the acrylic paddle. Ow, ow, owwww!

Finally, he picked up that old ruler. That thing stings and Dan made sure he worked over my entire bottom and both thighs before stopping. Luckily when he told me it was time to move to the bedroom, I was able to answer enthusiastically!

Once in the bedroom, Dan attached the Cocobola nipple clamps. They’re somewhat heavy and once they’re on, every movement tugs on my clamped down nipples.

my clamped nipple

Doesn’t that look interesting? I should hate them, but I don’t. I really don’t. Even when Dan’s every thrust caused them to sway and pull on my aching nipples. I didn’t even try to dissuade him when he stopped occasionally to tighten the screws. Talk about hurting so good!

Eventually we collapsed in a satisfied, sweaty heap on the bed. My nipples were smarting, my bottom was throbbing, and I was happy as a clam. The new regime is working out just fine.

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  1. I “must have sensed” you were ready for the rubber paddle, uh humm.

    Folks, this gives me credit for mind reading skills I do not possess. At least three times in the previous week: “Where’s the rubber paddle? When can we play with it?”

    Telepathy this ain’t. 😉

    Comment by Dan — 12/4/2007 @ 9:07 am

  2. 😆 Okay, so I asked for it…but I was trying to give you some credit for knowing when to dial up the intensity level. It was nice of you to remember though. 🙂

    Comment by Bethie — 12/4/2007 @ 10:04 am

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