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One of Those Post-Spanking Moments

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u can hearz da oshun

The other afternoon we were just hanging out, discussing our weekend plans when I suddenly blurted, “So, when am I going to get some of this bondage we’ve been talking about?”

Let’s just say, subtlety is not my best trait. But at least Dan doesn’t always have to guess what I want.

I suppose considering the fact that I was lounging around in his chair and so close to the delrin cane I mentioned in the previous post, I should have known better. But no. Dan pushed me over the arm of the chair, pulled down my shorts and panties, and spanked my bare bottom with the cane.

I can’t remember how many strokes he gave me, but I do remember it seemed like a lot and he didn’t seem to be holding back. I even looked back over my shoulder and gave him the pouty look, but he didn’t ease up at all.

After a quick inspection, we moved right into the bedroom. I’m not sure why, but Dan wanted me in the diaper position on the edge of the bed. I didn’t mind since it’s a position that has its good and bad points. While that position gives him easy access to my tender bits which can be very nice, it also gives him too much spanking access to my tender thighs…and my tender bits. I’d forgotten that part but I remembered really quickly once the spanking started.

Dan started by spanking me with a couple of paddles to get me warmed up, then he began using the tawse. I yelped and wiggled from the distinctive sting that toy delivers, but Dan had a good hold on my ankles so I wasn’t going anywhere. He spanked my thighs and bottom pretty thoroughly with the tawse before letting me relax.

I let my legs relax which left me perched on the edge of the bed, legs bent and spread in front of Dan. That gave him an evil idea and he picked up one of our lighter floggers. Dan told me to hold that position and began flogging the insides of my thighs. Then I saw him raise the flogger straight up and I knew where it was about to land next. I closed my eyes and tried to stay relaxed, but I still about jumped off the end of the bed when he landed the stroke right down the middle of my tender pussy.

I clenched up and pulled my legs together, but Dan told me to get back into position so he could continue. I did, after a little whining, and he continued flogging my thighs and landing the occasional stroke across my tender bits. My tender bits were getting even more tender by the stroke.

Lucky for me, Dan decided to switch to the rabbit tail flogger. Oh yum! I was nice and tender by then so the soft, thuddy tails of that flogger landing across my pussy just about drove me crazy. I was loving it and Dan was happy he’d finally found a good use for that flogger.

With all that going on, I’d just about forgotten about the bondage, but Dan hadn’t, so we moved onto that next. I stood by the bed while he found our nice red Twisted Monk rope and proceeded to tie me into a nice chest harness. Once he had it nice and secure, I got back up on the bed on my hands and knees with my bottom in the air and waited for the next step.

Yup, it was time for the butt hook. Dan lubed up the ball end while I did my best to relax while I waited. I was still busy relaxing when I felt his fingers lubing up my bottom hole. I was all set to do my part and help him get that hook in, but it turned out he didn’t need my help. The ball just slipped right in. No problem. Huh? I couldn’t believe it.

Dan tied the end of the hook to the harness and then tested the whole thing out by pulling up on the rope to see if it could be used to “encourage” me to keep my bottom up in the air. It did. Grrrr.

So he went back to spanking my bottom and occassionally pulling up on the harness to remind me to keep my bottom up. That’s two toys he found new uses for in that session.

Eventually he had me spanked to his satisfaction and by then we were both more than ready to get down to making love, but first it seemed like a good idea to get me out of the harness and the butt hook out of me.

The hook popped right out and the harness came off pretty quickly, too. We then got down to some pretty steamy and intensive sex. It was good, too…real good. Awesome actually…Ahem! I’m going to need to open a window for some cool air. Excuse me a second…

Okay, back to my story. After the truly awesome sex, we were putting the room back together and I just sort of mentioned how easily the ass hook went in this time. Dan agreed way too quickly and went on to say that we should go ahead and try the next size up, maybe even go ahead and get the big ball end hook.

Oh noes, not the big ball hook! Me and my big mouth. Okay, so after this last session it’s more like me and my big…well, you know. *wink*

I wonder if there’s any chance that Dan was joking. Somehow I doubt it. Oh noes.

LOLcat courtesy of I Can Has Cheezburger?


Ready With The Spanking Implements

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buster and cane

It seems Dan has decided he needs to keep implements handy at all times. The other night we were watching tv in the living room and when there was a break, I thought a little commercial break entertainment was in order. I hopped up and was just about to start wiggling my bottom at Dan when he reached down and pulled out a couple of implements he’d stashed beside his chair. He had the delrin cane in one hand, the Buster paddle in the other, and a devilish grin on his face. Uh-oh.

Instead of doing my wiggle dance in front of Dan’s chair, I found myself over the arm of the sofa doing a totally different dance. There I was, bare bottom up, kicking and squealing while he spanked me quite enthusiastically with the Buster paddle. Squeee!

My bottom was really feeling the burn when the commercial ended and we went back to watching tv. Dan looked awfully pleased with himself but I couldn’t fault him for that. I was feeling pretty satisfied myself. That is until the next commercial. I went right back to tempting him and Dan went straight for the delrin cane. It’s not as stingy as the acrylic cane or the rattan canes but it makes up for that by being more thuddy.

I was wearing shorts that aren’t much good for covering my legs so Dan went for my exposed thighs. I tried to get away but that never works. It just gets me spanked at odd angles. Grrr. I complained but I didn’t get any sympathy whatsoever. Dan said that’s what I get for struggling. Hmph!

I like the idea of having implements handy in the living room, but I think I need a little more input in the choice of which ones. I’m putting in a vote to replace the delrin cane with our lovely blue flogger.

blue flogger

Yummm! That’ll make watching tv a whole lot more interesting! I know some people say tv is bad for you, but with commercial breaks like ours I must cheerfully disagree.


How About A Little Cheesecake?

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a little cheesecake

Wait, I actually meant this kind.

You Are a Chocolate Cheesecake

Rich and greedy, you’re attracted to the dark side of life.
Nothing ever quite satisfies your inner beast. And somehow, people find that sexy.
What Kind of Cheesecake Are You?

How’d they know? *wink*

To let you all know how far behind I am in my reading, I just found this cheesecake quiz thanks to New Beginnings and Wilhelmina Dreams. I’m only a month behind now. I’ll catch up eventually.

I’m also going to try and catch up on my toy reports. We’ve experimented with the ball end ass hook we bought from Twisted Monk Rope as well as a couple of other new toys so I have much to report. Although a little more experimentation might be a good idea. It might be a whole lot of fun, too. Heh.

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