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Ready With The Spanking Implements

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buster and cane

It seems Dan has decided he needs to keep implements handy at all times. The other night we were watching tv in the living room and when there was a break, I thought a little commercial break entertainment was in order. I hopped up and was just about to start wiggling my bottom at Dan when he reached down and pulled out a couple of implements he’d stashed beside his chair. He had the delrin cane in one hand, the Buster paddle in the other, and a devilish grin on his face. Uh-oh.

Instead of doing my wiggle dance in front of Dan’s chair, I found myself over the arm of the sofa doing a totally different dance. There I was, bare bottom up, kicking and squealing while he spanked me quite enthusiastically with the Buster paddle. Squeee!

My bottom was really feeling the burn when the commercial ended and we went back to watching tv. Dan looked awfully pleased with himself but I couldn’t fault him for that. I was feeling pretty satisfied myself. That is until the next commercial. I went right back to tempting him and Dan went straight for the delrin cane. It’s not as stingy as the acrylic cane or the rattan canes but it makes up for that by being more thuddy.

I was wearing shorts that aren’t much good for covering my legs so Dan went for my exposed thighs. I tried to get away but that never works. It just gets me spanked at odd angles. Grrr. I complained but I didn’t get any sympathy whatsoever. Dan said that’s what I get for struggling. Hmph!

I like the idea of having implements handy in the living room, but I think I need a little more input in the choice of which ones. I’m putting in a vote to replace the delrin cane with our lovely blue flogger.

blue flogger

Yummm! That’ll make watching tv a whole lot more interesting! I know some people say tv is bad for you, but with commercial breaks like ours I must cheerfully disagree.

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  1. Oh yeah!

    Comment by Christin — 8/22/2008 @ 5:26 am

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