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I want a tougher bottom!

After looking at some pics of Elizabeth Simpson, I decided my bottom wasn’t tough enough.

Here’s the hairbrush before it got fully acquainted with Elizabeth’s bottom.

Music Lesson hairbrush before

Here’s the hairbrush after.

Music Lesson hairbrush after

Now why can’t that horrid Vermont bath brush break like that? Just today Dan bent me over the laundry basket, spanked me quite briskly with that awful brush, and my bottom didn’t do a thing to it.

The brush on the other hand left my bottom with a serious burning sensation. I even hopped around a little to help ease the burn. It didn’t help and neither did the rubbing but a gal’s gotta do something when her bottom feels like it’s on fire. All of that and not even a dent in that brush. It’s not fair.

I may have to spend more time at the gym to develop a tighter bottom. Either that or I could encourage Dan to spank me more often with that brush in the hope that I’ll wear it down. If I get really crazy I could do both! I have my work cut out for me…or rather my bottom.

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Funny (or Outrageous) Spanking Moment

outrageous moment

Sometimes something will happen during a spanking that will be so unexpected that I can’t decide if it’s hilarious or outrageous. When I say “outrageous” I’m teasing a bit. My moments of outrage are generally moments of total embarrassment or shock that I feel better if I can pretend to be outraged. Dan seems to find these moments amusing so he doesn’t really try to avoid them. Something about me hopping around squealing about the latest “outrage” makes him laugh.

Well, yesterday we had one of those moments.

I was in his office wiggling my bottom at him and generally distracting him from whatever was on his computer screen, hoping for a little attention. Dan was willing as always so I found myself over his knee and bare bottomed in no time. I was prepared for a nice bottom warming but I hadn’t counted on him having the small school master strap nearby.

He began strapping my bottom and thighs enthusiastically which stung a bit sharply so I kicked my feet and whimpered a little. I was hoping for his hand but at the same time I was glad it wasn’t the bath brush.

About the time I was settling in, I felt Dan spread my bottom cheeks. Before I could say anything, he said, “Hey, let’s look in here.”

Like that wasn’t outrageous enough, he gave me a couple of quick spanks on the inside of my cheeks with that strap. Yeouch!

I squealed and somehow managed to fall off his lap. I grabbed my bottom, hopped around a bit, and then I remembered what he’d said. All I could do was sputter, “Let’s look in here? Let’s look in here? What do you mean, let’s look in here?”

Dan just laughed and laughed. I tried to do my best outraged act but it was tough to keep up while I was laughing, too. Hmph!

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