My Nettles and Spanking Experience — 14 Comments

  1. Carly, I wasn’t really anxious, I found the anticipation was actually really exciting. In fact, the whole experience was stimulating and extremely arousing! The sting was perfect. Yum!

  2. Bethie,

    Well, honestly I cannot say what it would be like for a normal person, as I’m actually allergic to the stuff in any form, even candles burning. My skin breaks out into welts, even diluted ten to one, the minute it touches my skin. (Always test!) Personally, I use either mint or eucalyptus oils, but that’s more cooling than the burning sensation you’re after.

    Have Fun!

  3. Bethie,
    I found this very interesting. I love a good stinging sensation. I have enjoyed the few times we have tried figging. I followed your links back to see how to order seeds. Now I am just wondering if I will get up the nerve to mention it to Nick.


  4. Bethie,
    Lovely description- sounds as though dan did it just right for you, apart from pulling your skin tight and spanking….grin….but he is entitled to a bit of fun. Methinks we’ll see a spike in nettle usage from folks on this blog.

  5. Ally, thanks for the info! 🙂

    PK, I like figging, too! I like a lot of intense sensations and those young nettles were perfect for playing with. I’m not sure I’d want to use the full-grown ones; they look kinda scary. 😉

    Jim, thank you! I have to say, Dan was quite pleased with himself for remembering that particular spanking move! 😆

  6. Tht;s really cool, Bethie. I was imagining that he had spanked you with the nettle branches and was wondering if I should pick some thistle plants to experiment with. We don’t have nettles around here.

    Maybe I’ll forget about the thistles, then. We do have hawthorne trees, but that would be just plain crazy.


  7. I’ve done a lot of research on nettles and, while the information I’ve gathered from different places has been very… um… informative, I’d not found a well written personal portrayal until now. Thank you!

  8. Where I live stinging nettles are as common as grass, I’ve never used them on purpose, but always had spanking fantasies about them. If you ever try full grown ones and find it to be too much, an instant remedy is to break the nettle’s shaft apart and rub the juice on the stinging area and the pain will go away.

  9. Hermione, I thought the nettles were used for the actual spanking, too! It was quite a surprise to find out they could be used this way instead. 🙂

    Ninian, thank you for commenting! I tried to find some first-hand stories before we started and had a tough time finding one as well. That article was helpful though. 🙂

    Dice, thanks for the handy advice! I might need that someday. 😀

  10. Oh, I couldn’t help it… I just had to make time to go back and read this, every last word, and I’m SO glad I did! Yep, we’ll definitely have to give nettles a try! Plus, it will save me some grass cutting and save the little guy’s legs from getting stung!

  11. Thank you for the description- just one minor criticism- you say that when Dan first pressed the nettle leaves onto your cheek, you felt nothing and then a stinging sensation gradually appeared. This does not sound as though the nettles were very suitable. I have played with them for more than 30 years with a number of Mistresses and the first touch with stinging nettles results in an immediate, sharp sting.
    The important point is to use the top few leaves from small, young plants. Although the large nettles look impressively threatening, they are actually pretty useless for tormenting the sub. I agree that the stems can be used for nettle whipping and that’s also great fun but if you want to create a really tender bottom, use the heads of young, lush plants. Don’t handle them any more than you can help and use them immediately after cutting.
    If you enjoy al fresco BDSM, there is nothing better than making the sub lower his/her bare bottom into a clump of young plants and leave them sitting there for five minutes so they can reap the full benefit!! If your victim is a man then make sure he keeps his legs wide apart so that other parts of his anatomy won’t feel left out.
    A final suggestion – try dressing the sub in a bra and full panties – whether a man or woman. You can then stuff the front and back of the knickers and both cups of the bra with some luscious nettles. After a 10 minute stroll, they can remove the leaves and continue their day. They will, however have several painful reminders of their meeting with Urtica dioica which will last 2 or more days!!
    Please continue your experiments and I hope you both continue to enjoy them!

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