Happy New Year! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Bethie,

    I hope you and Dan enjoy a very happy new year! Best wishes with your new venture and with all things spanking (and everything else too).

    Please tell us more when you can.


  2. Happy New Year, Bethie. Your new venture sounds interesting, and i am sure there are plenty of people who will benefit from it.


  3. Bonnie, thank you and I wish you and Randy the best in this new year!

    Sara, happy new year to you and Grant!

    Hermione, happy new year to you and Ron! I think it’s an interesting venture myself which is one of the reasons I’m giving it a go. 🙂

    Perfectdt, happy new year to you as well! It’s already been quite an experience creating this new site so I’m hoping I’m creating something exciting for the users.

    Scott, I’m so glad to hear that! Happy new year!


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