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  1. Hi Bethie! Thank goodness you are back! I had pretty much given up, but still check back automatically every week or so. How delighted I was to find a new post from you, and such a great story about your new paddle. Welcome back! I look forward to more blogs about your wonderful painful experiences. Dylan

  2. Hi Dylan! Glad to be back and happy, as well as amazed, that anyone is still visiting. Yay! 😀

    Thank you for the welcome back!


  3. Hi Bethie,

    There you are! Welcome back.

    Rubber spanking implements are evil, evil, evil. But I have to admit that I’m just a tiny bit curious (this is how it starts…).

    In any case, it’s delightful to hear from you!


  4. Hi, Bonnie! Good to be back! I keep thinking I need to take time to chime in on your brunch topics but either I’m behind in my reading or don’t have anything worth adding to the conversation. One of these days…

    Thank you for welcoming me back!


  5. Hi Bethie!

    I somehow recd a post from Spanking Classics and went back to those early days in 2003-5 and tried reading and following the discussions and role play threads.

    My alter ego was Woobie (a nut case that spoke to animals)
    but I remembered you and Dan (was his nickname spanky or sparky or Mikey?)

    So many memories of that sweet time. Besides you and Dan, there have been several who met and either married and became deeply involved thru classics. I’m so happy for you all.

    I’m still trying to follow all those simultanious threads from the different boards from 2003 but we all seemed to give different nicknames to everyone.

    I lost my husband suddenly of 12 years in January of 2012.
    I dont know why, but rereading those insane posts helps me remember a sweeter time and a place where we would all gather after a long day, like in Cheers, and laugh and play and unwind.

    Hugs to both of you. I so wish I could find another Cheers bar again where everyone knows your name………


  6. Candace, it’s great to hear from you! But I am so sorry to hear of your loss. *Hug*

    I’ve wondered what happened to everyone from that board over the years. We did have fun, didn’t we? We were crazy! After Dan and I got together I slowly moved away from Classics. Some of it was due to being really busy with our new life together and some of it was due to some personality conflicts on the board. Not that it matters now, we all just seemed to drift away.

    As for Dan’s nickname, I’m not sure. He was SpankBoss but I think I called him everything but that. LOL

    I wish I could find a group as fun as that again but I’m not sure there is such a place or if I’d even have time for it. I’ve tried a couple of networking sites but they weren’t for me. Most of the forums (including mine & that’s my own fault) are quiet now too. I think everyone is Facebooking and doing little else. Guess we’ll have to build our own site, huh? I might even do it if I just had time…

    Take care and keep in contact, please!


  7. Well, well. Sure sounds like you got what you deserved, naughty you. Welcome back. And no, we didn’t go anywhere.


  8. I just made one of these for myself! Thanks for the idea. to make a better handle, I got two halfed wooden down rods in the right width, and then bolted them together around the handle I cut into the rubber, much better comfier grip…. Though that may mean more than I bargain for if her hand stays comfy during it

  9. I love the ad on the top of the page! One of the best assignments I did while in business school was to take older ads and retrofit them with newer content. It was a mix between Mad Men and MTV. Great find!

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