Spanking Machine — 4 Comments

  1. hehehehehehehe… well ya know bethie, maybe if you offer a testimonail from a real spanko, the robospanker folks will offer you a test model to try out for em?????

    Now THAT would be cool!


    Fred was growly enough on the phone an hour ago that if he’d been home I know how my butt would be feeling right now… he’s been gone all week…

  2. Patty, what did you do to make Fred get growly? Or does he just miss his brat? I hope he gets home soon to take care of you like you need. Or maybe we should offer you up as a Robospanker tester for when Fred’s away? hehehehe

  3. what did I do? nothin… just me being me…

    as for robospanker, hehehehe you try it first kiddo. 🙂

  4. Hi Bethie, That Robospanker sure looks a mean contraption but it is designed for poeople with a selfish nature. A good spanking should be enjoyed by two people. Beside, where would you keep it at home, unless you have a cellar or a workshed in the garden ? I really enjoy your blog.

    Matrin 🙂