After Shower Spanking — 10 Comments

  1. Use the spatula for what it’s intended for – cooking. Then it’ll be easy enough for it to meet with an “accident” involving rubber and hot metal… 😉 (Cooking in this contect is anything that involves getting the hob hot and stirring something)

  2. I know where I bought it — I can buy another — and then Bethie will pay the price!

  3. Dan, grrrr! 😉

    Am, that’s my definition of cooking, too! 🙂 Unluckily he has a backup plan…darn it!

    Annissa, thanks! I’m hoping for a little fun later but first I’ve gotta go “misplace” that darn spatula. Heehee.

  4. That spatula does look quite evil! Don’t think I’d like the rubber… MC uses a heavy weight electrical cord (that has been looped around and tied to about 18 inches) but only after a real warm up. Gotta give Dan credit for the DIY approach!

  5. DIY? Naw, it’s like this. If she *will* drag me into the fanciest cooking store in town, I gotta buy *something*….

  6. Oh, so that’s how it works! So, Bethie, just don’t take him to the kitchen stores (or Home Depot for that matter)… 😉

  7. Bethie, I forgot to mention that I “mentioned” you on Claire’s blog, saucybaggage. I did a guest host spot and you and that damn paddle are included…

  8. Miss Kitty, thanks for the mention! That electrical cord loop sounds really intense. Cooking store goodies don’t sound so bad after all. 😉