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Big Spanking Strap


The other morning I was being a bum, lying in bed watching some bad morning tv, and generally being bored. That is until Dan appeared and started quizzing me about what plans I had for the day. While I told him my plans, he started pinching my nipples and I started giggling and wiggling my naked butt around in the bed. All that pinching was making it hard to remember what I wanted to do besides enjoy all the attention he was giving my happy nipples.

About that time, Dan turned to the closet and started going through the toys hanging there. I got excited when I realized he was serious and I was going to get a good morning spanking. Yay!

Even when he turned around holding the long riding crop and that big strap, I was still excited. It’d been awhile since I’d felt that big strap on my bottom and after the big nipple pinching session, my bottom was feeling very greedy so I was all for having some fun with it.

That big strap was made by John of Leatherthorn Paddles and it’s one heck of an implement. It has a basketweave side and a smooth side which gives it two different sensations when it lands. I have a love/hate relationship with it. But that morning, all I could feel was the love…right in that most greedy and intense spot.

Dan didn’t do much warm up and pretty much just got right into the spanking. He started with the riding crop and began landing very stingy whacks all over my bottom. Every once in awhile, he’d use the length of the crop and land a stinging line across my bottom. That was super ouchie.

I was kicking and doing my usual squawking when he told me to lie still for him. I forced myself to lie still and that’s when he started strapping me. I’d forgotten how much that thing burned when it landed. It’s pretty intense so I rode out the waves while doing my best to be still. It’s not easy to be still when you’re bottom’s on fire, but I didn’t do too bad a job.

The one surprise I received was when I looked back over my shoulder and saw Dan swing that strap back over his shoulder. I looked away fast and waited for the strap to land. That was kinda scary, but in that good way.

I had to start complaining again though. Dan switched back to the crop, then the strap, then the crop…you get the picture. Burn, burn, burn, sting, sting sting, then start all over again. About the time I’d get used to one sensation, he’d change implements and I’d get some time to feel the other. It was a crazy sensation play ride. I loved it!

Somewhere in all of that sensation riding, I settled way down and just had a good time. That’s when Dan knows I’m in the zone and enjoying myself. He’s a good man to give me what I want like that.

Eventually he decided my bottom was the perfect shade of red and told me to move over to make room on the bed for him. That was some good stuff, let me tell ya. It was also a perfect way to start the day!

What was almost as good was, even though I didn’t bruise or show any long lasting redness, my bottom was good and tender for two days! Two days! I rarely get that kind of sweet tenderness for longer than a day. I couldn’t believe it. Dan and I have decided we’ll have to try that again sometime soon. Not really soon though. It takes some time for my bottom to get itself worked up to that level of greediness, but I’ll get there. I always do.

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  1. nothing like a gluttonous whallupng spanking that lingers just right. )

    Comment by p — 5/23/2006 @ 5:24 pm

  2. That looks like a fun toy! Nothing beats the smell of tooled leather. I’m jealous. Will have to send mr. weasel in search of such an item!

    Comment by weasel — 5/29/2006 @ 2:58 pm

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