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Spanking Good Sting


For some reason, Dan has decided that bending me over the arm of our sofa and spanking me is great fun. I wouldn’t mind but we never close our curtains and I’m always worried someone is going to see us. Well, not us exactly, more like my bare bottom.

Dan thinks I’m being silly so he ignores my complaints on that subject and just keeps on spanking me. His favorite toy at the moment is our little oar paddle so I’ve been feeling that toy’s sting quite a bit lately while draped over our sofa’s arm. I don’t get to worry about it for too long though. It’s hard to think too much about showing off my bare bottom to the world when that paddle is being applied to my bottom. It doesn’t look like much of a paddle but it can deliver some serious sting. I think it’s all that varnish it’s coated with that makes it so stingy.

I like that toy so much I even bought extra to give away as prizes in the Spanking Den’s contests. I enjoy spreading the love around. I just don’t want anyone seeing me enjoying that love, especially my neighbors!

My neighbors think I’m crazy anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. If any of them have been paying attention lately, I’m sure they think I’m really losing it. It’s that time of year and the bugs have returned. I’m one of those people who can’t stand most bugs anyway and the ones that fly or have stingers really freak me out. Everytime I find one I find something to hit it with first and go into action. I squeal as I slap at it and then turn run away from it after every swing. It gets pretty intense if I can’t kill it pretty quickly. That’s when I usually go look for Dan. He understands that it’s his job to kill the bugs.

Yesterday I found a bug and was doing my usual loud and frantic attack on it. The difference was that this bug was a hornet of some kind and was hanging out in the doorway so I couldn’t get in the house. Luckily I found some bug spray so that gave me some advantage. I could stand back and spray to my heart’s content. But still, I couldn’t help myself. I’d shoot a stream of bug spray at it and then run away squealing.

I’m sure it was pretty comical but I was sure that thing was going to chase me down and sting me. Hence all the running and squealing. I may like it when Dan stings my bottom with that oar paddle, or pretty much any toy, but if I’m faced with a bug that stings, I just can’t run away fast enough. And the squealing is much, much louder. I’d much rather be bent over that cushiony sofa arm getting a spanking kind of sting any day. That’s the kind of sting I can handle anytime!

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  1. *shudder*

    Bugs, in any form, are evil. Except maybe ladybugs and butterflies, the cute kind. But anything that can sting and/or bite must be killed immediately. Doesn’t help that I’m allergice to bees, so I get super panicky if I see them.

    I’m with you, I’ll take the sting of a paddle anyday!

    Comment by Sarah — 6/2/2006 @ 7:18 pm

  2. Sarah, it’s nice to find someone who appreciates the evil that bugs can be! Thanks! 😉

    Comment by Bethie — 6/24/2006 @ 2:30 am

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