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Somebody’s Gonna Get It!

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I’m about to do combat with the spam commenters so for the next couple of days, if you make a comment and you don’t see it immediately, it’s because it’s gone into moderation. Sorry about that, but I need to upgrade my blog software to fix the problem.

Those jerks better be glad I can’t find them! Grrrr!

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Spanking Away The Hormonal Blues

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When I get hormonal I get grumpy and when I get grumpy I get fractious and when I get fractious I get spanked. You’d think I’d learn by now that being fractious isn’t good for my bottom, but during those hormonal surges, I can’t seem to remember anything.

One morning last week I woke up bright and early, and completely fractious. Fractious before the day even starts is never a good sign. Dan wanted to discuss the day and I wanted to grumble. Anytime he suggested something I didn’t like I’d say “Unh-uh” rather pentulantly. I couldn’t help it, I was feeling bad hormonal.

After a few of those negative responses from me he started suggesting he just spank me with various implements. To each suggestion I’d retort “Unh-uh!” It was getting rather riciculous but I couldn’t help it. I was grumpy.

Finally Dan said he’d spank me the next time I said “Unh-uh” if it wasn’t a reply to a direct question. To which, of course, I replied “Unh-uh!” Somebody should’ve just handed me a dunce cap right then and there because I earned it!

Dan told me to roll over on my belly and went in search of the proper implement. I was grumbling but in my state of agitation I was already feeling aggreived so why not add a spanking to that? I pouted a little and resigned myself to my fate.

I didn’t know he was going to go for the big guns. Dan decided the perfect implement for that offense was the “Attitude Adjuster.” I whined a little then because it’s not my favorite toy. It’s wood and varnished so it always leaves an impression. I don’t even remember how many he gave me, I think ten, but it was plenty. I was whimpering and complaining the whole time. That thing burns something awful!

I wish I could say that fixed everything…I wish! I just couldn’t shake the grumpies though and the next thing I knew, I said “Unh-uh!” again. I know it’s called the “Attitude Adjuster” but why did he have to take that so literally? I was yelping and kicking by the end of that second dose and I sort of promised I wouldn’t say it again. Sort of.

Was it over yet? Nope, not quite. In fact, it took about three more rounds before I finally had the “Unh-uh” spanked out of me. I know it was a bit much, but once it was all over, I was a whole lot more relaxed and the grumpiness I’d been feeling and fighting was under control. I was left feeling somewhat sore and much more agreeable.

I hate to admit it, but I guess the “Attitude Adjuster” does work. I wonder if I should admit that here though? Dan reads this and I don’t want to give the man any ideas. *wink*

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Spanko Home Decor

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I recently went out of town and I guess Dan decided he wanted our spanking toys where they’d be handy. It appears he went on a home improvement spree, spanko style. I came home to find we had toys hanging up or conveniently lying out all over the place. It was like the spanko version of that old country song, “I’m Going To Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home.”

Everywhere you look, there are spanking implements. In the kitchen, in the living room, by our computers, in the bathroom, and most especially, on every wall of the bedroom. And the worst part? The evil rubber spatula that I thought had died from rubber decay is back. It’s hanging on a hook between the kitchen and living room. Aaaagh!

The last time I saw that thing the rubber around the edges was disintegrating and causing it to be totally useless as a spanking toy. Well, as a spanking toy that didn’t leave sticky residue on my bottom, that is.

I really thought its reign of terror was over. I even did a jig.

But it’s back and I’ve already felt its brutal power twice this week. I really think it’s long overdue for a horrible kitchen accident. I really wish we didn’t have an electric stove. It would burn much better if we had open flame burners.

The good news is, my favorite leather rose paddle is hanging in a very handy place in the bedroom. I keep pointing this out at every opportunity, too.

I was happy to see that the bug zapper paddle is safely put away in the walk-in closet. The less handy that thing is the better. The rattan canes are in there, too. At least I’ll know when he’s going for the big guns so I can run and hide prepare myself.

Now I’ve got to figure out what I can do to add to the new decor. I thought a spanko switchplate would be nice so I came up with the picture above to see how it would look. It’ll fit right in with the bedroom theme, especially since my favorite cuffs are hanging close to that switch. I think if I add a nice Bettie Page throw for the bed, I should be all set. I just wonder how our visitors would react if I made some coasters, too?



My Rambling Thoughts On Submission

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Okay, I know I’ve been a little lazy about posting lately. I’ve just been spending so much time over at the Den that sometimes I get all talked out and can’t come up with anything to blog about here.

So today, after I posted a long and rambling post about submission in answer to a query, I decided to post it here as well. Even though it’s not all that coherant, it’s really about how I feel.

My post:

Submission can be different for many people. It can depend on your relationship and your personality types.

For me, my submission is a gift I give willingly, lovingly, and with passion. I trust him with everything that I am and will be. We’re in love and live together, with him as the dominant parther or HOH (Head of Household), so our lifestyle is a real-life 24/7 relationship. We live this lifestyle with all the daily grind stuff that comes up and have been very happy for the last couple of years. Maybe that still puts us in the “honeymoon” phase of our relationship, but since this isn’t a first relationship for either of us, we have a little experience in this.

What we don’t have is a regimented lifestyle, we just live it as part of our normal daily life. It’s such a part of who we are personality-wise that it’s only natural. It’s hard to say exactly what I do because it’s so much of who I am, but I’ll try to explain as best I can.

I give him my submission and he gives me a hand to hold onto no matter what. He gives me the support I need to go out into the world and be the person that I am. He supports me in every way and by that, he allows me to flourish because I know I have a rock solid foundation to hold me up and a man who loves me completely and without reservation behind me every step of the way.

My submission isn’t just about cooking, cleaning, or taking care of him, it’s about giving him respect, love, and my acceptance of his power as a dominant man. We nurture those personality traits in each other that make us what we are. Him as the dominant one and me as the submissive one.

As part of my submission, I do what I can to show him I respect his dominance and accept it willingly. I don’t get smart-mouthed with him (okay, only occasionally, very mildly and playfully when teasing him), ridicule him, or do things I know he won’t appreciate. That’s one way I practice my submission, by being a supportive, caring, and respectful partner.

Dan practices a quiet sort of domination. He’s a big bear of a man so it’s easy to feel submissive to him, but there’s also a certain current running through him that gives him that dominant air. He doesn’t have to get physical to show his dominance, he can just give me a look and I go right into sub mode. And there’s a certain tone he uses that just turns me into subbie putty because it gets to me everytime.

He’s also very good with the compliments. I love sitting at his feet while he pets my head and talks to me. And if he calls me a good girl, I almost purr.

And he doesn’t run our life without my input either, he’s always thinking of me and always asks my opinion about things. He looks out for me every chance he gets and reminds me often that he just wants to take care of me. I can be hard to take care of sometimes though, then he has to “remind” me how important I am to him.

Dan guides me in my submission by giving me limits and guidelines to follow. I bow to his dominance by following those guidelines and I express my gratitude for his willingness to take on this responsibility by showing him the respect he deserves.

I have given him the right to take me in hand when I need it. He knows this is a special gift and he’d never abuse it. He’s always been very consistent so I don’t ever have to wonder where I stand with him. I know what my limits are and I do my best to stay within them. He knows what to do if I start slipping and brings me back on course. I appreciate that because it makes me feel safe and keeps me centered.

I don’t know if all this rambling will make any sense to anyone, but it’s how I feel. I love Dan with all my being and my submission to him is just a natural part of that love.

Photo courtesy of Martha’s Girls at Retro Raunch.

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