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Just A Peek Of Cheek


What is it about just showing a little peek of flesh that is so alluring? I know that whenever I’m wearing a pair of panties that shows off that little bit of round bottom cheek, Dan is quick to react. He can’t seem to resist spanking that teasing flesh.

That may be why I *like* that type of panties so much. It’s also why when I’m getting dressed for us to go out somewhere special, I make a point of letting him see which panties I’m wearing. I pick a special pair, then take my time putting my cothes on.

I’m not sure if it does anything for Dan, but I enjoy knowing what little slip of undies I’m wearing under my clothes. The only thing better than knowing I’m barely wearing any panties, is knowing that the part of my bottom peeking out has proof of a recent spanking.

Just yesterday I was wearing a pair of lacy pink panties that showed off quite a bit of cheek and Dan quickly reacted. Later as I went to finish getting ready, I had to stop and glance in the mirror. Just as I’d hoped, that little bit of cheek peeking out had a nice pink blush that almost matched my panties. It was perfect and I left the house grinning to myself. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else notices my secret smile and if they’d be surprised to know what I’m grinning about. Hmmm?

Pretty picture courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.

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  1. You are a good person to do that. To make his day each and every day!

    Comment by Gary — 10/18/2006 @ 8:38 am

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