A Greedy Bottom Went Shopping… — 15 Comments

  1. Wahoo , what a sore bottom after the big paddle . i would fear it . But don t like the hairbrush. I thinks to your poor sore bottom . Poor bootom , even if rub and massage after the spanking would be nice. i hoppe it would be light strokes and that give to you a very sexy felling and a lot of happyness for all the day and night .
    Enjoy valentine ‘s day.

  2. You bought it to paint a sign on it. Riiiight. We all believe that. 😉

    Man.. *what* were you thinking!? That thing is HUGE. That’s a butt-covering paddle if I ever saw one. ‘More sting with less swing’ is the motto for things like that. Holy cow.

  3. A VARNISHED hairbrush !?! What on earth were you thinking? I realize you were feeling deprived, and you are the queen of spanking, but a VARNISHED hairbrush? That should be illegal just to save us from ourselves and punishments we deserve, I mean don’t deserve. LOL 😉

  4. Kaya, you’re completely right about that motto! I’m still not sure what I was thinking…that thing really is HUGE! 😆

  5. Do you name your toys, Beth? How about “butt buster” for the paddle?

    BTW, another slogan I’ve always liked is “more smack per paddle crack.”

  6. nshenmue, you might be right about that big paddle, but so far I’m enjoying Valentine’s Day very much – thank you! 🙂

    Sarah, that much varnish really should be illegal, especially since we’re such sweet angels…*cough* ahem! Okay, so who am I kidding? 😆

  7. Mitch, no we don’t name our toys, we have so many I don’t think I could keep them all straight! Those are great slogans though. 🙂

  8. Seriously. We have a huge paddle, too. Similar dimensions, white PVC plastic. Very heavy. Sandpaper on one side. Endless possibilities, especially when spanking over jeans. It bites into the fabric with a heavy thud. And the best thing about it: It cost $15 at the local naughty store. Doesn’t get much use.

  9. Bethie,

    If one is decorating for Valentine’s Day, then red is surely the hue of choice!

    A 3/4″ thick solid wood paddle is a mighty serious toy. It sounds like a real memory-maker. Your other recent acquisitions look as though they are quite effective as well. I believe I’d go ahead and make the investment in that pillow.

    I hope you both of you enjoy a fantastic V-Day!


  10. Goddess, I’m hoping our big paddle doesn’t get much use either, but Dan seems quite taken with it. He doesn’t have to swing it much to get me kicking which is a big plus in his head. Go figure! 😉

    Bonnie, red is definitely the hue of choice here. I hope you had a fantastic V-Day as well! 🙂

  11. I love that bench however…*grins*

    I have a little wooden step stool with a hole in the step for a handle. I use it for my massage table stool…and it’s the perfect height for short little me to use for a kneeling spanking bench.

  12. Ooo, Bethie! Where on earth did you get that big paddle? Like I need another one, but that one looks fabulously scary!



  13. Greenwoman, that paddle is kinda scary, but I *like* scary! And the new spanking stool is fun to use. 🙂

    Angel, I got it at one of the craft stores, Michaels. I went back and bought another just in case. 😉

  14. Hi Bethie,
    I was going to ask if you love to get spanked with the big paddle. I guess the fact that you returned to Micheal’s and procured another one pretty much answers the question. I hope you go ahead put a finish on it. I think you will like it even more after it is finished.