The Big Caning — 13 Comments

  1. Pretty pretty welts. Did you say “rubbing”? More like “pinching” I think. At least you’ll be easy to spank out of bed in the morning!

  2. wahouu , what a big caning . thanks for the pic .
    Compared to right side , left side looks nearly quiet.
    in fact , perhpas that can is the best solution for greedy bottom…
    Please have a rest now.

  3. Finally. Three months in the making. So long in coming that we can almost overlook the fact that the marks on the left side are all over the place. Up, down, sideways. Looks like Dan got a little careless with placement. 🙂 All in good fun.

  4. LOL, I’d say “careless” is exactly backwards in this case. Since the lexan cane has a nasty tendency to cut at the tip, I was deliberately changing angles and “choke” so that the tip marks wouldn’t overlap. “All over the place” was the goal.

    Besides, it’s not actually a law of nature that cane marks should all be parallel and horizontal…

  5. So it’s official then that I do not want a lexan cane. You’re butt looks pretty sore! (but I’ll order one anyway *sigh*) I’m as bad as you, Bethie. I Must Have The Ouchie toys!!

    Parallel and horizontal is highly over-rated, I agree. Especially when one’s bottom tends to bounce and wiggle (of it’s own accord I might add!) However! How about welting in a name or something?! Like, say.. Oh I dunno… “kaya” maybe? easy letters, nice straight lines. Hasn’t Bethie *always* wanted my name on her butt?? 😉

    A tic tac toe board would be cool. You could “beat” her at the game. 😀

  6. Don’t worry Kaya, I bought her one of those “misery sticks” you love so much, gave it to her crooked in the arm of her Valentines Day stuffed monkey. But we haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, because, ah, her butt was busy.

    That should do some nice lines.

  7. I’d love to jump in here, but Dan is taking us out for a day of fun. Spoil me, spoil me, spoil me! 😀

  8. Bethie and Dan,

    Wow, now there’s a gift that keeps on giving! I’m glad you enjoyed a great V-day celebration.

    BTW, I swear that I posted today’s top ten list before I read this tale. It describes why I dislike uneven spankings. 😀

    With warm regards,

  9. In my own defense, I was indeed working on roughly equal coverage of both cheeks. And, by square centimeters of welt, I think I “hit it” pretty close.

    Trouble is, I’m NOT ambidextrous. When using a cane, no matter how careful you are, there’s always going to be some extra special fun at the tip. Which means that it’s easy — when using the right hand — to make nice parallel marks on the right cheek. But to do the left cheek, you either have to use the left hand or a “backhand” stroke with the right. For me, at least, there’s a loss of precision with either option. I figured it was better to spread the marks out at funny angles than to get too many overlapping tip marks.

    Yes, I do understand that there are caning experts out there who can lay perfect lattices with their off hand while standing on one foot wearing a blindfold in the middle of a blizzard during an earthquake. Of course they got that way by practicing, and Bethie (for some odd reason) takes a dim view of my philosophy that the only worthwhile practice is on a live target. So it will be awhile before I get that good, heh.

  10. That’s funny, it didn’t *feel* uneven! 😆

    I’m just sorry that the “unmarkable” part of my bottom doesn’t have anything to show for it. It certainly stung as much as the rest, but by the time we took the pictures, there weren’t any marks to show for all of that. Hmph! 😉

    Angel, you know, I’m pretty impressed myself. 😉

  11. Naughty, naughty, naughty. Nice new toys, by the way. I think Bethie will come to love the loop whip. My personal favorite.