My Other Valentine Presents — 5 Comments

  1. wahouu , such impressive collection…
    Do you like more thuddy or stingy cane? very excting for your bottom
    But i thinks thats tehre is a little trouble with the pic . we can t see how long there are . Can you put another item to have a better idea of the lengh?

  2. Wow, what fun that will be! Did you know that the misery stick isn’t used as a traditional cane would be. It’s not swung. The Top bends it back and lets it snap! The further it bends the fiercer the sting. You are in for a fun ride with that one!


  3. nshenmue, I’ll post the dimensions when I get a chance to measure them. 🙂

    Jade, they’re from Prysm Creations and I posted a link to the site in my next post. A couple of other people emailed me with the same question and I realized I’d forgotten that part. Whoops! 😉

  4. Bethie, is delrin plastic? It’s not metal, right? is it a good buy?