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I Forgot Something!

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Whoops! I forgot to mention that Dan found all of these new toys via our friend, Kaya. She got a Misery Stick for Christmas and after posting about it, Dan just had to get one, too. I guess I should’ve known from the title of her post that it was going to live up to its name.

The site the toys came from is called Prysm Creations for those of you who have asked.

Ummm thanks, Kaya…I think! *wink*


  1. Don’t tell Dan that the trick to those misery sticks is to pull them back “damn near in half” before He lets it’s snap.

    Yeah, don’t tell Him that. It hurts.

    (I just ordered two more. Not by choice mind you!)

    I guess we’re even now for the “toy vote” that so backfired on

    Comment by kaya — 2/19/2007 @ 3:13 am

  2. Kaya, unluckily, Dan’s already learning how to use that nasty little stick. The morning after I got it, he gave me one mean little welt while “testing” it out. Eeeek!

    As for that vote thing – what was I thinking???? What were any of us thinking? 😆

    Comment by Bethie — 2/19/2007 @ 2:23 pm

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