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Santa Baby!

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stockings for Santa

I love this one! The text reads, “I hope Santa won’t overlook these.”

I was planning to hang my big red stocking that has a bear on it. I may have to upgrade before tonight if I want to inspire my own Santa! *wink*


‘Tis The Season To Be Kinky

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kinky reindeer with santa

A reindeer after my own kinky heart!


Naughty or Nice?

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naughty or nice

I love this image. She looks so sweet until you notice she’s holding a whip. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

It reminds me of what I’ve been wondering about; was I naughty or nice this year? That’s a great question. I read somewhere that “Naughty is the New Nice” and I’ve decided that may have to be my new motto. It may take some convincing to get Dan on board with the idea, but it might work. It sure would save me some time and energy.

Dan says being good shouldn’t be such hard work, but there are moments when it’s easier to be naughty than be good. He has no idea how many times he’s walked by me and I haven’t pinched his butt. He only remembers the times I have.

It makes me worry what surprises will greet me Christmas morning. Will my stocking hold lots of chocolate goodness with a nice surprise? Or will it hold something that’s not so nice? And how about the pretty presents under the tree? What diabolical treats will be waiting for me?

Not that it will really matter. To me, a present is a present and I can’t help getting excited by presents. It gets my bottom in trouble every time. I think Dan’s figured this out, too. It seems some of our most intense toys have come wrapped in pretty paper just to fool me.

Of course, I’ve also requested some of those toys. Silly me! But since it’s the season I really should say, naughty me!


Hairbrush Paddle?

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I recently came across this Hairbrush Paddle and I’m extremely curious about it. I know it’s too late to order for Christmas delivery, but I’d like to know if I’m crazy for wanting it. I’ve heard good and bad about it and unluckily the bad just makes me want it more.

I know, be careful what you wish for, but I can’t help it!

*sigh* Trouble, that’s what that paddle is. Trouble…you know, I think that’s what I’ll name it.


Spanking Good Gift Suggestions

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I thought I’d make a few suggestions for buying a gift for that favorite spanko in your life. I’m also including a few items on my personal wish list for a certain someone to see. Since we’re so close to some companies order deadlines, I thought I’d better get on it!

Let me start with toy suggestions. The type of spanking you prefer to give or receive will determine what type of toy you’re looking for. But not to worry, there’s plenty of toys available on the market. The key is finding reliable sellers. Honestly, most of my favorite toys have come from people who’s links you’ll find on this page (which is why I promote them), but often I’ll find a toy or two in different places. I’m always open to new experiences.

For leather goods, you can’t go wrong with John’s work over at Leather Thorn Paddles. He does quality work and is always happy to work with you for personalized touches. His Rose Blush paddle and Strap are two of my absolute favorites. I also love the Beaver Tail and I really want one of the Buster paddles. (That’s a hint for Dan btw.)

JT’s Stockroom is another good source. They’re reliable and provide quality goods. Besides the Lolly Crop and Cocobola Nipple Clamps, from the previous post, I really enjoy the adjustable C-clamps, Gripper Clothespins, the black leather fraternity paddle, various crops, my Doggie Bone gag, various butt plugs, and one or two vibrators we’ve bought from them.

I’d really like to try out the Rope Master. I’d like it so much I’ve had my butt in training for the last few days.

I got those training plugs from Extreme Restraints and even as I type, I’ve got the medium sized plug inserted. I take my training seriously! Besides, I already have the Pig Tail butt plug and don’t want to worry about how it fits.

The other items I have from Extreme Restraints have always been great fun. Except for maybe that awful Electric Paddle. Darn but that thing bites! They have a variety of interesting plugs, paddles, and other sensation toys, including the evil Wartenburg Wheel. Maybe if I’m a good girl Santa will bring me the Leopard Rubber Whip or the Anal Ring Toss game. Those could be big fun!

If I had the ring toss game, we could make up some interesting rules which I’m sure would include lots of spankings. Especially if I wiggle around and “accidently” make him miss. Heh.

If you’re looking for some other good spanking entertainment, how about a good movie? We’ve found that Spanking Epics has some of the best spanking movies we’ve seen. The stories are fun and the spanking action is really good. We watched “Trouble In Carson’s Gap” the other night and were quite entertained. It was an all around good movie! I’d really like to see the third movie in the Keith Jones trilogy, “The Reckoning” sometime soon. The inspiration they provide is always welcome.

Dan wrote a review of “Lucinda’s Confession” and if you want to read that, it’s here. I loved that final spanking!

Other movie scenes that provided some “inspiration” to me were from “Reform House Punishments” and “Belt Spankings at Reform House No. 9” from Raven Hill Studios. They might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I really like the strappings delivered on their X-shaped spanking bench. I always love a good strapping, you know.

Of course, you can always find great spanking finds in vanilla places like Ebay, the Vermont Country Store (source of the infamous Vermont Bath Brush), and your local department stores. If you keep your eyes open and want to use a little imagination, there is much to be said for vanilla items. Jokari paddles and sturdy hair brushes are always a good choice.

Also, if you’re feeling crafty, remember that big paddle I found at a craft store? You can have all kinds of fun with an item like that.

You can also make your own bottom tenderizing mats from items found in Wallyworld. They usually have those rubber no-skid runners with the area rugs. The underside of the runners have little pokey teeth that make wonderful mats for sitting on. It works for both tenderizing a bottom before a spanking as well as a fine place to site a bottom that is already tenderized to enhance the experience. I’ve been sitting on mine for a short time now, dedicated spanko that I am, and believe me, I’m feeling tenderized already. I wouldn’t want to recommend something that I wasn’t familiar with, after all. Remember, standing up occasionally enhances the effect. Ouch!

Most stores also have those prickly welcome mats (I think they’re referred to as horse hair but I’m not sure) and computer chair mats for those of you who want more intensity. I prefer the rubber runner mats for personal reasons. The prickly mats are sometimes messy because they can shed a bit and the computer chair mat spnkes are a bit too sharp for my tastes. But that’s just me.

I also recently discovered by accident that sitting on a heating pad can really enhance a tender bottom. So can a little heating lotion. Items you can find and put together in a very innocent looking gift basket.

That’s about all I can think of for now, but I’m sure I’ll have a few more suggestions here and there. Also, I usually try to include where I found most of the toys we use but if you see something you are interested in finding and there’s not a link, I can usually figure out where it came from so just ask.

Okay, I’ve put in my time on the tenderizing mat so I’m prepared to go out and do a little shopping of my own. Between the tenderizing and the butt plug that will stay in place until much later to keep me mindful, my shopping experience should be a good one. If it’s not, I’ll blog about the spanking I’ll get for that later.


Sunday Night Spanking

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sunday night toys

This new regime of Dan’s is starting to grow on me! This picture shows the toys that made their mark on my bottom Sunday night. They combined to make me one very sore but happy gal!

Now before I tell you all about my spanking, I want to list the toys in the picture. It’s almost the gift-giving season and in case anyone is interested, I’ll include links for the toys if I know the source. I’m planning to make a list of spanko gift suggestions but I might as well start with these!

From top to bottom, acrylic paddle (no source known since it was a gift), Cocobola Nipple Clamps, Lolly Crop, our Leather Thorn Strap, a vintage 18″ ruler, Rose paddle, Dan’s favorite hair brush (bought it at Walmart), and the rubber paddle (that site’s description says it all btw).

The night started out with us snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. It would have been very vanilla if I hadn’t been wearing a skimpy black dress with my “Spank Me” panties on underneath and a butt plug nestled snugly in my bottom. Also, Dan had the rubber paddle and hairbrush on the end table ready for action.

As soon as the movie was over, we got right down to business. I went over the arm of the couch and Dan went to work on my eager bottom. The soreness of the previous spankings was gone and I was ready for another good spanking. He pulled my panties up tight between my cheeks so that the butt plug had no chance of slipping out and after a few hand spanks, started using the hair brush.

He did his usual thorough job of spanking my entire bottom and the resulting stinging warmth was spreading nicely. I was ready for something with more bite and Dan must have sensed it because the next implement he chose was the rubber paddle. That paddle is a heavy duty toy and each stroke with it felt like it was searing into my bottom. That’s a seriously ouchie toy! But I love it. Oh yeah, spank me, baby!

Dan didn’t disappoint and he spanked me long and hard while I groaned and hissed my way through it. That initial impact is intense and it takes a while for the burn to turn into a glow, but it’s worth the wait for me. Dan slipped his hand under my panties and let me know just how wet I was. He asked if I was enjoying my spanking and I assured him I was. I mumbled it a bit since my face was buried in the couch, but I didn’t think he minded.

Dan was ready for a new toy so he gave me a few extra hard swats with the rubber paddle before picking up the heavy Leather Thorn Strap. I love that thing. It’s heavy so it always provides the intensity I crave and Dan was swinging it hard and fast.

He used it all across my bottom and down to about mid-thigh. I howled and kicked every time the strap landed on my lower thighs. He did it just often enough to keep me off guard.

At some point Dan asked me a question and between my gasping out the answer and having my face in the couch seat, he didn’t hear me. It wasn’t the first time he’d had to tell me to speak up so he could tell how I was doing so I was in trouble. He decided to give me some penalty strokes for not speaking up properly as he’d instructed. He reminded me it was for my own good as he picked up that acrylic paddle. Now that got my attention!

The acrylic paddle is a heavy and completely non-forgiving spanking implement. More than once that paddle has left my bottom sore enough to make sitting a challenge. It’s very much like the lexan in intensity.

Dan asked me if I was going to speak up in the future and when I assured me I was, he told me I better or I’d get more penalty strokes. Then he gave me two hard swats on both cheeks. I arched up and hissed hard while kicking my feet into the side of the couch. Those swats burned deep and before they could completely sink in, Dan went back to swinging the big strap.

I wish I could say those were the only penalty strokes I received, but they weren’t. Ouch!

After the strap Dan dialed it down a bit and used the Rose Paddle I love so much. On my already tenderized bottom though, even it felt extra stingy. It still felt good though and soon I was moaning and pushing my bottom up for more.

Insert a couple of penalty strokes here. Ouch again!

Then Dan began using the Lolly crop on my already well-spanked bottom. The head on that thing is a bit heavy but it’s perfect for spanking the parts that don’t get enough attention from the bigger paddles. It felt especially good on the lowest inside part of my bottom. I spread my legs to make it easier for him to keep spanking that area. Mmmmm…

Then Dan asked me something. Yeah, more penalty strokes with the acrylic paddle. Ow, ow, owwww!

Finally, he picked up that old ruler. That thing stings and Dan made sure he worked over my entire bottom and both thighs before stopping. Luckily when he told me it was time to move to the bedroom, I was able to answer enthusiastically!

Once in the bedroom, Dan attached the Cocobola nipple clamps. They’re somewhat heavy and once they’re on, every movement tugs on my clamped down nipples.

my clamped nipple

Doesn’t that look interesting? I should hate them, but I don’t. I really don’t. Even when Dan’s every thrust caused them to sway and pull on my aching nipples. I didn’t even try to dissuade him when he stopped occasionally to tighten the screws. Talk about hurting so good!

Eventually we collapsed in a satisfied, sweaty heap on the bed. My nipples were smarting, my bottom was throbbing, and I was happy as a clam. The new regime is working out just fine.


New Spanking Regime – The Beginning

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clutching bottom

Because of all the things going on lately, Dan and I haven’t had much time for serious spankings. I was still getting the regular short spankings that just happen, but I hadn’t had a real sore bottom in some time. Dan kept saying I was getting upity and he needed to start that new spanking regime he’s been threatening me with for a while now, but with as busy as we’ve been lately, it just wasn’t happening.

Then the other night I finally had time to put the finishing touches on the 52 spanks post and in the process realized how badly I wanted a good hard spanking. I mentioned that to Dan and before I knew it, I was face down and bottom up getting a heavy dose of the hairbrush. I must have been a bit out of practice or Dan was making up for lost time because in no time, my bottom felt like it was being set on fire!

The first spanks just made me gasp but as the spanking progressed, I started yelping and kicking as the burning sting of the hairbrush was increasing with each fresh spank. I really squealed whenever he’d spank my thighs. Dan would pause occasionally to get a better hold of me, and then he’d go right back to his rapid fire rhythm.

I couldn’t believe how much that stupid brush stung! No matter how much I pleaded for him to slow down and go easy, Dan just kept right on spanking as vigorously as ever, maybe even more so. At one point he’d been spanking for so long that I was getting a bit out of control. My legs were kicking in every direction trying to get away from that brush but that only have him better access to certain areas.

Dan likes to cover as much area as possible so he spanks my entire bottom from top of the cleft down and across from hip to hip as well as down to about mid-thigh and along my inner thigh. When he’s done, I always feel thoroughly spanked. This time with all my gyrations, I was spreading my legs and giving him access to the lowest and most inner part of my bottom as well as my inner thighs. Dan took ruthless advantage of that situation and certain well-placed spanks caused me to throw back my head and howl.

Dan is good at gauging just how much I can take because about the time I thought I was reaching my limit, he’d go back to spanking my more padded areas or stop for a quick rub. I could feel my body reacting favorably and even though I was kicking and complaining, I knew how wet I was getting. Dan knew, too.

He just kept building up the heat across my bottom while reminding me it had been far too long since I’d had a really good spanking, teasing me about how sore my bottom was going to be when he was done, and pointing out how much I must be enjoying it based on the wetness between my legs. The evil man knows how to push all my buttons!

Just when I thought he was never going to stop spanking me with the hair brush, he said it was time to move on to the Attitude Adjuster. Now I have to admit that I haven’t been as good as I could’ve been and my attitude has a little less than perfect, but I wasn’t sure the Adjuster was necessary. But I don’t get to make those decisions, so the Adjuster was soon put to work.

It’s made of sturdy wood but it also has a bit of flexibility so Dan can swing it really hard without it being too harsh. All the same, it still leaves a long intense line of sting with every swat. I have no idea how many swats he gave me but I can tell you it was more than enough to get my attitude adjusted completely!

Over and over the Adjuster landed on my throbbing upturned bottom. I had to hang on and not move too much because I didn’t want a single misplaced stroke with that paddle. I was getting to the point where pain and pleasure were so mixed together that I was becoming insatiable. I kept my bottom up, eager to feel the burn of each stroke.

When Dan stopped, I wasn’t sure I was ready to stop until my body reminded me the ache between my legs needed some attention as well. Lucky for me Dan knows exactly how to quench that fire.

That spanking session should have kept me satisfied for days, but instead it just seemed to whet my spanking appetite. The next day my bottom was sore and a constant reminder of how good a hard spanking can be. I couldn’t stop tempting Dan to spank my bottom every chance I got. He keeps the hair brush on a table by his chair and I had to pass it every time I went up or down the hallway. It was too much temptation for me.

The intensity of each spanking on my already sore bottom was only a temporary relief. My greedy bottom was in overdrive. I don’t know how many short spankings I got with the brush, but each one only seemed to increase my desire for more.

By Saturday my bottom had developed a deep itch and the new sensation of being spanked on my itchy, sore bottom kept me coming back for more. Dan kept saying his new regime of keeping my bottom tender must be working. I didn’t argue a bit. If I had known the new regime was going to have that effect on me, I might have encouraged him sooner!

Now it’s Sunday night and I’m once again sitting on a very well-spanked bottom. It’s been a long night though so I’m going to have to save the telling of tonight’s spanking for later. I’ll just tease you by saying that while writing this post, I’ve had to stand up more than once to relieve my poor tenderized bottom. I’m feel so good that I’d purr if I could. *grin*

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