Now what have I done??? — 5 Comments

  1. You have to grow weeds? I had to pull one of the bastards out of my daughter’s courtyard the other week. It was about 2 feet across. i was wearing leather gardening gloves and still got stabbed.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is something we’ve never even come close to trying, but the darn things grow wild all over our yard, so I really have no excuses… other than fear! LOL!

    I’ll have to make a point to go back and read your other post as soon as I have time… might make me feel a bit braver. In the meantime, enjoy watching the plants grow, and your time of being pain-free will be dissipating at exactly the same rate!

    Hugs! I love your insane side!

  3. “putting that sort of thing in Dan’s hands” Has Dan considered that it’s going to hurt him just as much as it’s going to hurt you? Or does he own a pair of anti-nettle gloves? Perhaps a silicon oven mitt?

    I would suggest you “accidentally” spill some 2-4-D on the nettles.


  4. I’m happy to report that the starters are now pushing up healthy-looking shoots. Muah ha ha ha!

    Hermione, even a thin cotton garden glove is enough to protect me while handling the nettles, although I suppose this would be a good excuse to get some nice “Evil Villain” gloves in menacing black calf-skin.

    More seriously, the traditional method is to gather a few nettles stalks together into a bundle, rather like a traditional birch, holding the stems together with cloth tape or ribbon to form a convenient, sting-free wielding handle.

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