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Fun, fun, fun!

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Wow. I have been having so much fun this summer that I’ve completely forgotten to blog about it! Whoops!

It’s been crazy around here with lots of company, a little traveling, cooking out, and lounging in the pool. We’ve had a lot of out of town company visiting us which has been wonderful for both of us. Unluckily all of that fun takes up a lot of time and I’ve fallen so completely behind on my blogging that it’s pitiful. I bet some of y’all thought I was gone for good. Sorry, no such luck. *wink*

As for spanking, it’s been good but a bit sporadic due to so many visitors and activities. We have to squeeze it in though or else I become a raging brat. Because we had so many people coming and going, for a while there I had put a lot of our toys away and poor Dan had to keep using his hand to spank me. It was so sad. I was afraid the poor man was going to hurt himself. Luckily we were able to get the toys back out before he did any lasting damage.

However, I made the mistake of pulling the toys out while he was “supervising” so I didn’t get to choose the ones I wanted out. I wanted my happy toys like the soft floggers and nice leather paddles, while Dan wanted the whips, canes, and mean paddles. Guess which paddles are hanging by our bed now? I’ll give you a hint; none of them make my bottom feel safe in the bedroom. I’d pout but the truth is if my bottom did feel safe in the bedroom, I’d be one very unsatisfied spanko. And I’m feeling quite satisfied.

The bottom line is that life is good, fun is aplenty, and we’re happy as two spankos in love can be. I hope the rest of you are enjoying your summer as well!

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