When Spanking is a “Sure Thing” — 5 Comments

  1. Great post! Where did you get your skirt? I’ve been looking for one, but apparently I’m a bit of a ‘snob’ when it comes to schoolgirl skirts and I can’t find one I like for the life of me! Thanks!

  2. G’day, Bethie 🙂

    For the administrator, your 1) is, in my opinion, the absolutely critical one. I have conditioned myself to make sure I hear every word she utters, and to read everything she may write. Because experience has taught me that somewhere in those words, either spoken or written, will be the vital clue that I should prepare for action; that it’s okay to escalate things to the next stage. It might be only a single word in a stream of words, but it changes everything.

  3. Dylan, you’re very welcome! I enjoy sharing the fun. 😉

    Jess, I found this one on ebay. I have another that I absolutely adore that is more of a kilt (because it has little buckle closures off to one side) and I bought it there as well. 😀

    Eric, thank you for the comment!

    Todd, I have put up a pic of me in that outfit but it’s been a while so you might have forgotten. 😉

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