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It’s raining spanks and there’s another type of shower on the way!

It seems I’m not the only one who ended the spanking drought lately; Angelbrat got a much awaited spanking of her own last week! Woo-hoot! Looks like things are looking up for my good friend who has a lot going on in her life right now. In case you hadn’t heard yet, Angelbrat is pregnant and due to have her new bundle of joy in about sixty days!

I’m so happy for her and I thought what a shame it was that despite being such good friends, I couldn’t be more involved in welcoming her baby. That is one of the downsides to this sort of interaction. Here we all are, sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings, but not really able to do something more concrete most of the time. Then I thought, I may not be able to be involved in her baby shower in person, but why couldn’t I do something that could include myself as well as her other online friends? So I contacted her and got her permission to try something.

Here’s your invitation:

Angelbrat\'s shower

When is it? It’s Tuesday evening (updated time) and running for as long as possible. She still has a couple of months to go so you have time to get there. When it’s time, Angelbrat will make on post on her blog so keep an eye out for it.

Where is it? At Angelbrat’s place for convenience. Besides, can you imagine me trying to host a baby shower here? I have too many nudes and other adult stuff hanging around the place. *wink*

Anyway, come by and give the soon-to-be mom a little love. Also, if you are so inclined, there is a lovely pink “Gift” button that will allow you to show a little love in a more concrete way. It’s not easy to send a cake made of diapers over the internet so I’m going with the button. Heh.

While you’re there, read her post from Friday about her big spanking. I’m so happy for her!

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Now that I’ve been well spanked…

bread board and spoon

All is good in the world! Woo-hoot! I got one heck of a spanking last night and I am sitting on a very sore bottom even as I type this. No complaints from me though; I *like* sitting on a sore bottom. It’s yummy.

See that picture? That is my new bread board I bought at Walmart (it’s part of the Paula Deen line) along with one of our kitchen spoons to give you an idea of size. The bread board is 18″ x 6″ and is 3/4″ thick. It’s a hefty and solid tool that I was thrilled to find while shopping recently. When I see something like this board, I go immediately into spanko lust and I have to buy it. Lucky for me, most of these items are pretty cheap. Or rather, lucky for my bottom, I should say.

My lucky bottom got quite a spanking last night so it’s a good thing there wasn’t any budget issues to be dealt with. We were mainly just in dire need of some serious play time and we were both ready for some real action. Dan started it off with a little nipple strapping which had me squealing in no time. He used our smallest strap and when it lands right across my nipple, it drives me crazy. I hate it…but I love it. I don’t know why.

After paying both of my nipples lots of attention, Dan grabbed my newest hairbrush, bared my bottom, and began giving me one heck of a hairbrushing. He didn’t hold back at all and in no time at all, my bottom was on fire. Dan kept reminding me that it had been a while since I’d had a good spanking and I was well overdue. It seems he’d been holding back while I was sick, but he wasn’t holding back anymore! Ouchie!

Every once in a while when I thought my bottom couldn’t take anymore, I’d beg for a break and as soon as I thought he was stopping, I’d rear up and clutch my bottom. Then Dan would ask, “Did I say you could rub now?”

Before I could answer him, back over I went and the spanking continued…and continued…and continued. I got one bathroom break but as soon as I scurried back, I was bottoms up again for more of the hairbrush. I was beginning to wonder just how much my poor bottom could take when Dan finally announced he was ready to try the bread board. Huh?

I was a bit nervous about that board seeing as my bottom was already hot and throbbing from that awful hairbrush. Not that anyone asked me. I went over the arm of his chair which placed my bare bottom in perfect paddling range. Dan announced he was going to give me five good swats which I thought was a good number. That is until the first one landed. That paddle covered a lot more territory than the hairbrush and was quite a bit more solid. It burned my bottom something fierce and I yelped and kicked while thinking that it couldn’t get worse.

Then the second swat landed and it was harder than the first. I almost came completely off the arm of that chair until Dan reminded me that if I got out of position, we’d just start over. That thought got me right back over where I was supposed to be and he landed the next swat. That one caused me to squeal and dig my fingers into the arm of the chair across from me. I kept thinking that number five was right around the corner. That wasn’t much comfort though when the fourth swat landed.

That’s when Dan announced it was time for the fifth and final swat, and it was going to be the hardest yet. I knew those swats were getting harder and harder! Grrrr! I dug my nails into the fabric of his chair and relaxed my bottom as best I could. I still wasn’t ready for that final one though. I swear I can normally take five paddle swats like I champ, but after that hairbrush spanking, my poor bottom was completely tenderized. Once that last swat landed, I just grabbed my bottom and clutched it. I didn’t even bother jumping up and running away. I should have, but I didn’t.

As I leaned against his chair, I didn’t notice Dan coming back with the hairbrush but once he’d pushed me back over and began spanking me again, I knew that’s what he had. Ow, ow, owwww! I’m not even sure how much longer he spanked me because I was busy kicking and wiggling for all I was worth in an effort to get away from that awful hairbrush. It’s just awful.

I finally got so desperate that I yelled out, “Can I get something leather, please???”

Dan stopped soon after and asked if I wanted to move into the bedroom where the leather toys were and I was all for that. He, of course, had to bring the hairbrush along. Stupid hairbrush could go in the trash for all I care…but that’s another story. I was ready for some leather toys. I should have known better. I stripped off what was left of my clothes and laid face down on the bed with a couple of pillows under my hips so my bottom would be presented for spanking. Then I glanced over and which leather toy did he have? Not my pretty rose paddle or any of the other light stingy leather toys, nooooo! He had that huge, heavy Leather Thorn Strap.

Before I could even comment about that, he raised it up and brought it down on my hot, throbbing bottom, and he repeated that over and over again. I did a lot more kicking and squealing but it didn’t seem to slow Dan down a bit. Eventually he stopped, rubbed my bottom a little, and commented on how red and puffy it was. That’s when he changed toys and picked up the riding crop.

The riding crop is another evil entirely. Because its tip is small, it delivers sharp little biting spanks wherever it lands. Dan likes to land it everywhere because it isn’t heavy and it makes me yelp entertainingly when applied to tender bits; tender bits like my inner thigh, my nipples, and my most tender bits of all, my pussy. Its mean, I tell you. I guess it’s a good thing I like mean, huh?

Dan worked me over good with that riding crop. I was all over the place on that bed trying to escape it. Once my thighs had had enough, I’d wiggled off the pillows and onto my back which gave him access to my nipples and when I tried to wiggle away from that treatment, he somehow got between my legs and spread me wide open. That’s when he cropped my tenderest bits. He had me trapped so I couldn’t go anywhere. Oh man, did I squeal!

I don’t know how long he would have kept that up but he finally became distracted by my begging him to let me do nice things to him. Yeah, I distracted him by sucking his dick. Aren’t I clever? He was nice to me later so all’s well that ends well.

I have to say, that after our little drought, that was a lovely way to get back on track. We’re both happy, my bottom is sore, and we both love that. Dan says it’s easier to make his point with a quick spanking when my bottom is already sore. This is fine by me, as long as he keeps that awful hairbrush away from my bottom. That is one spanking I’m not going to forget for quite some time! Ouch!

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My bottom is in trouble…

new brush

It’s all my fault because I couldn’t pass up this lovely. How could I? As you can see, it’s a perfect hairbrush for spanking. Also, I’m feeling the need for a good spanking and when I feel that need, I can’t resist something like this. Btw, I found it at Target if anyone else is feeling the need for such a thing.

It has been a tough couple of months around here with my health issues putting a hold on so many of our regular activities. That meant no real play for us and that was especially hard to deal with. Now that I’m feeling frisky and my body is actually cooperating with me again, spanking should be right around the corner at last. This whole business with my health has sucked so it feels so good to feel right again. Finally!

I can even report that my new brush has had the desired effect; it both stings and thuds. Yum. We haven’t had a chance for more than a few quick spanks, but I think we both know it’s time for more…so much more! *grin*

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Life is good in Spankoland

enjoying life

I’m recuperating and enjoying life here in Spankoland. It got a little rough for a bit for me health wise, but I am on my way to recovery and I’m feeling pretty darn happy about it. No spankings yet, I’m sorry to say. The spirit is willing but the booty is weak. I can dream and scheme until the time is right though. Heh.

For now, I’m just going to kick back and enjoy the summer. It’s crazy hot where we are right now which makes it much easier to stay inside and behave myself. Otherwise I’d be out causing all kinds of trouble. It’s amazing how much trouble I can find when I’m turned loose in the world. That’s why Dan is such a believer in pre-outing spankings. He swears it helps me behave myself. I have no comment at this time on that subject. *wink*

I think it’s time to go back to dreaming and scheming now.

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No spankings on the horizon

lady of leisure

Due to my continued need to rest, there are no spankings on the horizon. There are plenty of threats though! Dan can’t help that, it’s just the way he is. I suppose talking about the spankings I’m due is better than nothing. Although I still don’t think any spankings I earned while sick should count. I think I should get a few pass on those. I really need a free pass! Now I just have to convince Dan. Yeah, I know, good luck with that one. *wink*

In the meantime, I am busy doing my lady of leisure act and lounging about the house. I always have more books and movies on hand than time to enjoy them so I’m catching up on the backlog. There are much worse ways to spend the summer than this, I know, so I’ll make the most of it. I may even get lazy from all this pampering.

I can’t get too lazy though, Dan keeps telling me he has “plans” for me. He says it with an evil glint in his eyes which makes me think I need to keep up my campaign for that spanking pass. I want a spanking, that’s not the problem, it’s just that he wants to use the most evil toys to make up for lost time. He keeps talking about the big delrin cane. I want to talk about my favorite leather paddle or the soft leather flogger. He even has our biggest, thickest leather strap in a place in the bedroom where I have to see it all the time. I swear, it’s taunting me. Soon, I hope.

Until I’m feeling better though, I will lounge and try to entertain myself despite being unspanked. I worry that I now have a spanking blog with no spanking in it. Doesn’t that just suck? Maybe I should go back to writing spanking stories to fill the space here? Maybe. Until I get in the mood for that, I’m going to put in another movie and do some more lounging.

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Just when I thought my bottom was safe

Here’s the story, I had a marvelous weekend full of indulgence and fun only to return home feeling a little under the weather. I saw a doctor on Monday who prescribed some big pills, a careful diet, and lots of rest. I can do that, especially the resting part. I’m a spoiled gal anyway so lounging about at home is easy. Easy! Uh-huh. Not a problem.

One hitch. I think that if I’m so sick that I need all this rest and medication, then I must be too sick to spank. I mean, come on! My doctor prescribed rest, and getting spanked is just the opposite of resting. But, of course, Dan doesn’t agree. According to him, if I’m well enough to do X, Y, or Z, then I’m well enough to spank. Hmph!

Dan’s already threatened to let me have a quick chat with the alligator. You remember the alligator, don’t you?

alligator paddle

He bites, I tell you! Well, actually both Dan and the alligator bite, but that’s another story. *wink*

I guess this means I’ll have to behave myself, after all. I’m actually not that sick, so I’m thankful for that. I just wanted a free pass for a couple of days. Can you imagine the mischief I’d get into? It’d be awesome. I could go crazy on Ebay (that’s where I got some of my easy open bloomers for those of you who wondered about that), run up my phone bill, play computer games until the middle of the night, not do any housework, let the laundry pile up to my ears…wait, that may not be too different from any other week. Heh.

Hmph again! Dan wandered in to see if I’d done what he told me to earlier and I had. Of course, I had. Still, I couldn’t resist singing, “I’m too sick to spank, I’m too sick to spank,” a few times for his benefit. Didn’t work though.

“You just keep telling yourself that,” he told me. He said it rather cheerfully, I might add. I think he also had that evil gleam in his eye, too. Hmph!

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Yummy Bondage!

Device Bondage nipple suction

Since I like my nipple pump so much, I was intrigued by this gallery at Device Bondage. Wow! The also have these clips if you’re so inclined.

I like that industrial look and it’s interesting to see the nipple pump in action. Yummy! I hate to blog and run, but it’s late and I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard.

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A little tangled up

shirt over head

I’ve got more things going on right now than I have time to deal with but I wanted to post something. I hate letting this blog get stale and yet, I don’t have time to post anything significant…so here’s a picture. I’ve got my fingers crossed that by the weekend, I’ll have time to sit down and write something. I hope, I hope, I hope!

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Open in the Back

open back drawers

That is, my new bloomers “open in the back!” I love them. Besides being frilly, girly bloomers, which is cool, they’re roomy and comfortable, too. Of course, Dan approves of them. He likes anything that gives him easy access. *wink*

open back bloomers 2

See? They open right up!

I suppose these are my before pictures. I’m hoping to have some after pictures later this weekend. I hope, I hope, I hope! I took these pictures while Dan was busy working on something else so he didn’t get to take advantage of the situation like he normally would have. I was bent over the couch with my bottom hanging out, after all. But he wasn’t around to do anything about it, which meant I had to take “the show” to him.

After I finished taking my pics, I wandered into his office to let him know what he’d missed. I was wearing a loose half shirt and the bloomers so he naturally turned his attention to me. I didn’t have a bra on, and as that little shirt tends to ride up, it didn’t quite manage to cover the lower part of my boobies.

My half exposed breasts immediately caught his eye and Dan went straight for one of his smaller straps. It’s one of the straps he saves for breast strapping because of its size. Dan folded my shirt up to completely expose my breasts, then strapped each one in turn. If he hadn’t had such a firm grip on each one as he strapped it, I probably would’ve jumped halfway across the room. Oh my! I never know whether to growl or purr when he does that. I actually kind of do both which is just odd.

I hate/love having my breasts strapped. It’s sort of a sensory overload for me and my brain has trouble sorting out all of the feelings that come rushing at it all at once. Some crazed part of me lurves it while the more sensible part of me absolutely hates it because it freaking hurts…and yet, it hurts so good. No wonder I’m confused! *grin*

Ahh the life of a masochist. And, hey, it’s the weekend! Woo-hoot, let’s party! I’ll get up to something naughty so I can take some “after” pictures. Well, that’s not the real reason. I’ll just get up to something naughty because that’s the way I am. Ha.

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Beware the New Strap!

new strap 1

I should constantly remind myself to avoid this strap, but I somehow I let it slip my mind and the next thing I know, my bottom gets a fiery reminder. This is our new Prysm Creations strap, if anyone is interested. It’s a little heavy and at 18″ in length, it’s extra stingy.

The color on the handle is royal purple and is so dark that it’s hard to see in the pictures I took of it.

new strap 2

It’s deceptively pretty. When I first saw it, I was going all “Squeeee! A new strap!” That lasted right up until the first time Dan really gave it a good swing. I think that was probably the second swing btw; the man wastes no time when it comes to spanking.

Wow! That thing laid down a line of fire across my bottom and I practically jumped across the room. Dan loves low effort implements so this is one he just loves. It’s easy to swing and it keeps me hopping…and squealing and kicking and whimpering. All of those things and more. Ouch.

The other night he had me kneeling on a chair and gave me a good spanking alternating between this strap and the Vermont Bath Brush. Those toys both fall into the low effort category for him. For me, they fall into the extra ouchie category. It’s funny that two of the most low effort toys happen to be ones that cause me to exert all kinds of effort. The effort to stay in place being at the top of that list. Heh.

I guess it all worked out for the best though. Dan exerted a minimum of effort and accomplished a whole lot of spanking which resulted in a nice sore bottom for me. It’s a win-win situation. *grin*

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I’m here somewhere


I’ve just got to find my way out! You know, I suppose I should start wearing that many layers of underskirts, it might slow Dan down a little. He’s still keeping that mean bath brush handy so I could use all the help I can get. It was missing just long enough for me to forget its bottom tenderizing power. I’ve been getting pretty frequent refreshers on that subject lately though. Its a bottom burner alright.

Someone asked where they could purchase this particular bath brush that is commonly known as the VBB, which is short for Vermont Country Store bath brush. The problem is that they recently stopped selling it. It’s been unavailable in the past and then brought back so I’m hoping it will reappear at some point. In the meantime, I’m afraid I don’t have another source for this particular brush.

It’s a shame, too, because it’s a good implement. The length is just right for a serious otk spanking and it’s hefty enough to land a solid spank each and every time. I can attest to that! It’s an ouchie toy.

It’s also one I bought myself so I have no one to blame but me. Yeah, that’s the way it often goes around here. I hear stories about how absolutely awful a certain implement is and I have to have it. I get myself in the worst trouble that way.

Of course, as bad as that bath brush is, I have managed to find a couple of other toys that are worse…and then either begged for them or bought them myself. That lovely hairbrush paddle from Adam & Gillian’s is a prime example of that.

I really wanted that paddle and the more dire the warnings, the more I wanted it. Of course, all my good spanko friends that warned me about that paddle were right; it is one very serious paddle. I love it. It burns like nothing else and turns my bottom red just the way Dan likes it to be. What else could I ask for? Oh yeah, a pillow, a really soft, cushy pillow. *wink*

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Can it be Springtime now?

spring swing

I am not a fan of winter so I’ve been looking forward to spring and I seem to have developed a serious case of spring fever. The weather was so wonderful last night that I had an urge to go running. Luckily I came to my senses and remembered my bad knee wouldn’t appreciate that so much. The spirit was willing though. Spring air makes me frisky!

Now I’m not sure if the new season will slow down the activity around me, but at least the weather won’t be so bleak. That’s something anyway.

I wish I could find the time and energy to blog more often because we’ve been having some good spanking fun around here. I even have a couple of cane marks that are almost gone that I didn’t blog about. I had planned to do that while they were still fresh, too. Darn it.

Also, I still haven’t blogged about my latest fun purchases. Even Dan noticed and commented on Spanking Blog that I hadn’t written about my new undies as promised. I’m going to try and get a pic of them so I can at least post that. Yeah, I’m a lazy blogger, I know. *wink*

I suppose I could get myself a spanking so I’ll have some fresh marks to show off, too. That would be nice. This weekend will be busy so if I want to get a spanking in I’ll have to get moving on that. I just have to be careful where I am when I get the action started. Dan found his beloved Vermont Country Store bath brush recently and he’s keeping it by his computer desk now. He says he needs to keep it handy.

I think he needs to lose it again, but nobody has asked me. He’s already put it to use on my bottom and I don’t think keeping it handy is in my best interests. I wonder if he’d notice if I replace the VBB with my favorite leather rose paddle? Now that would keep me happy. Hey, it’s spring and that rose paddle is the perfect implement for the season! I doubt he’d get any work done though because I’d be in there bothering the poor man every chance I got. Heh.

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Oh noes, it’s Reality!

And I think it bit me.

holding her breast up

Oh wait, maybe that was Dan. He does that, you know *grin*

I’ve spent a lot of time this last week helping my sister with her kids so I’m not exactly feeling overly energetic at the moment. My sis had something rather traumatic happen so I’ve spent a lot of time helping her as much as I could. I keep finding myself wishing I could fix it for her, but that’s not realistic. I hate being on the sidelines! Oh well, at least I can babysit.

How do you people with kids do it? I used to manage a good sized business with a large staff while juggling a busy social life, but I can’t keep up with two toddlers. I love those kids, but they’ve about worn out their poor aunt.

Luckily it’s the weekend and I’m free! I’ve got some wine in the fridge, some fancy new undies to prance around in, new nipple clamps, and more than a few plans. It could get really interesting.

That is if everyone will leave us alone. My nephew has learned how to use the speed dial to call me and he’s not afraid to use it. I have no idea what he’s saying most of the time because he won’t hold the phone right, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

What’s really scary is that I’ve got this song stuck in my head; Bunny Party. Sorry, but I’ve been spending too much time with the kids and I’ve gotten caught up in the Schnuffel bunny craze. Eeeek!

I need to get my kink on this weekend before it’s too late.

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Lucky Friday the 13th

Training of O free show

I think it’s lucky anyway. It’s a free show from the Training of O website. The folks at are opening a new area, The Upper Floor, that sounds very interesting and I’m looking forward to getting a preview of the fun Friday night.

For details about the guests, the trainees vying for service on The Upper Floor, and how to get the live feed here’s a link: Upper Floor Dinner Party.

Wow, sounds like a party to me!

As for what’s going on around here, it’s not exactly a party but things are looking up. We’re almost completely over our winter crud and I’ve just purchased some new fancy underwear that I’ll have to blog about later after I’ve had a chance to put them to good use. I gave Dan a quick preview and he deemed them spank worthy. Wheeee!

*Note: To sign up for a free account, follow the link to sign up for an account, enter the fields for username, pw, and email address, and hit the “Create Account” button. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to enter any financial info to get a free account.

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Friends Award

Friends Award

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.”

The Rules to accepting this award: “Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Kaya of Under His Hand gifted me with this award and even though I have been slow to respond, I’m here now! Thank you, sweet Kaya! You truly are a great friend to have. Despite that whole Misery Stick incident, of course. *wink*

I only get to pick eight? How can I only pick eight when there are so many of you wonderful blogging buddies out there? Here are my eight with lots of love going out to all of you bloggers who do what you do.

Tracy that wonderful AngelBrat
Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts
Padme of Journey to the Darkside
Tiggs of A Spanking Good Time
Todd and Suzy of American Spanking Society
Sparkle of Life in Motion
Wilhelmina of Wilhelmina Dreams
Sara of Finding Sara

Just eight wasn’t enough!

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