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The great outdoors

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carrying bundles

I’m avoiding the great outdoors this long weekend despite the fact that almost everyone I know will be out there cavorting in it. (It’s a three day holiday weekend here in the States for most of us in case you were unaware.) Why am I avoiding it? I have plenty of reasons and they’re pretty valid as far as I’m concerned. The one most of you can relate to is that Dan is way too fond of switches and I don’t want to end up like that gal in the picture. Minus the fur, of course, because it’s already hot, hot, hot here.

Also, from what I hear, it’s going to be much too crowded at every lake in the area anyway and that just sounds unappealing to me right now. I enjoy nature more when it’s not lousy with festive people. *wink* That means we’ll be here at home, free to play however we want. I plan to take advantage of that, too. Somebody break out the spanking toys! Who needs switches when we have so many well-crafted toys?

Whether you are one of those happy souls out enjoying the great outdoors or have something else in mind, have a great weekend and stay safe. I’ll be inside where my bottom is completely unsafe but happy. Have fun whatever you do!


Starting the week off with a spanking!

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Yeah, yeah, I know I didn’t get back with the details about that fur tipped flogger…but I have a pretty good excuse. I was busy trying to cough up a lung, you see. It turned out I actually had bronchitis and after a nice round of nifty new antibiotics, I’m finally feeling better. But, geez, it seemed to take forever!

Being sick seriously cut into our play time. Dan would barely tweak my nipple and then I’d seize up and go into a nasty coughing fit. Spanking was completely out of the question. We were both getting a little crazy waiting for me to get well. Dan kept telling me I needed a good caning and I kept reassuring him that I didn’t really. Talking about all that caning while I was too sick to enjoy it was tough, but somehow we made it through. Tonight I realized I was finally healthy enough to spank. Yay!

We were trying to decide what to do with our evening when the topic of caning came up again. Somehow we managed to stumble down the hallway to the bedroom where I ended up on the bed, my bottom in the air, and Dan found his favorite cane; the big delrin cane. Unlike a rattan cane that is all sting and burn, the delrin is heavy so it’s more thud and burn. It still leaves welts though. Big, thick welts that burn, burn, burn! Especially when Dan pinches them! Grrrr.

the large derin cane

The cane strokes that landed fully on my bottom burned enough, but then Dan managed to get one good stroke right on the crease between my bottom and leg and then a couple across my thighs. Those strokes really burned and they left what Dan calls “pretty” welts. I’m not so sure they’re “pretty” but I do know they hurt. Yeowch.

I guess somehow during all that caning I must have lost my mind because I began to think there had to be another implement nearby that would be better than the cane. Well, I thought wrong and in my desperation I asked him to switch to the leather strap. Now that might sound like a good idea if we had a regular ol’ leather strap, but we don’t. Of course, we don’t. We have that big, thick leather monster of a strap and it was right there by the bed. Where else would it be? (It’s the Leather Thorn Strap in case anyone is wondering.) Seeing it there, I thought that would be an improvement over the cane. Ha!

Leather Thorn Strap

Let me tell you something in case you didn’t know it; when your bottom is striped with sensitive cane welts, application of a heavy strap on top of those welts can be very ouchie. Very ouchie! Especially when the person spanking you isn’t holding back. At least I don’t think he was, but it’s hard to say since my bottom was already very sensitive. The only evidence I have is that at one point Dan proudly announced that he could see the impression of the waffle weave from the leather on my bottom. I’m pretty sure he had to be strapping me really hard to get that kind of marking. It definitely felt like a good, hard strapping to me…really, really good actually.

Once he thought my bottom was red enough, Dan found some whippy thing and I just about fell off the bed trying to get away from that thing. It’s like a crop but has leather tails for a tip. That thing stings! Luckily that didn’t last long and we moved on to the serious love making part of the evening. That was great, too, especially on a nice sore bottom.

It’s time for bed now though so I have to get moving. Besides, it’s not easy to sit this long right now. Not that I mind, I’m just so happy I’m starting the week with a good sore bottom! Yum.


First a pic…

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soft tail flogger

Details later…


I gave him a bag of butts

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candy bottoms

For Valentine’s Day this is what I made for Dan; candy butts! It’s hard to see in this picture, but that’s what they are.

We also had a nice dinner, a couple of good drinks, and a really good spanking session. It was wonderful and I’m completely worn out and heading to bed now…or rather, again. *wink*

I’ll come back with details later, but for now I’ll leave you with this; the cute rabbit fur tipped flogger isn’t as harmless as I remember it being. Especially when those tips landed in the most delicate of areas! And yeah, I am sitting here with a really big grin on my face anyway.


I may be the most boring spanko blogger ever!

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It’s been a while and I’m having problems getting into blogging mode. A few people have asked about us so I figured I better let everyone know I did not fall off the face of the earth. I’m also happy to report that Dan and I are just fine. We’re just not the most exciting spankos around though. I mean, really, how many times can I give you the spank by spank of our lives before it gets repetitive and boring? I feel boring, hence the title of this post.

I still feel all those good spanking urges and all that fun stuff. I’m just trying to figure out a way to keep it fresh. Does anyone else get this way?

Anyway, I’ll keep thinking and maybe I’ll come up with something soon. If I get desperate, you all may be in for another spank by spank replay for my next post. When it happens, remember, you were warned! *wink*


A little whipping, some good sex, and a lot of holiday cheer!

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We were determined to get all our shopping done and be settled in as of last night, and somehow we pulled it off. Amazing, but true. So this morning when we woke up, we didn’t have anywhere to go and Dan had a small whip handy. It’s funny how that man always seems to have some sort of implement handy; you’d think we were kinky or something.

At first we were just snuggling, then he pulled out the whip and began to playfully whip my bottom and nipples while I alternated between squealing and giggling. After a bit, I was feeling all warm and tingly from the sting. That particular whip is wide at the base but tapers down to a stingy tip so it gives different sensations depending on which part of it lands where. One of the most intense sensations occurs when the tip of the whip lands directly on my nipple. Oh my! That’s a tingle that lasts and lasts. It also makes me squeal really loud which Dan likes for some reason.

All that whippy fun led to some very good sex. Yum. I love lounging in the bed with my honey!

Now I’m doing a little baking and wondering what my Santa has for me in those pretty packages under the tree. I mentioned I might have to sneak a peek, to which Dan suggested if I must be looking for a good strapping. I good strapping might be fun…but I decided I want to wait until tomorrow for my presents after all. Hey, I can be good if I try.

Since my timer for my pie is about to go off, I better wrap this up. I know this has been a lean year here on my blog, but not in my life, I’m happy to report. My real life here is better than I ever dreamed possible due to Dan and our life together. I’m continually amazed at how happy I am. Life is better than good and full of love, laughter, friends, and family. It all blends well but it does keep me busy.

Alright, I better go see to my baking now. I wish you all a happy holiday of whatever flavor you are celebrating!

Christmas pinup


A New Paddle and a Contest!

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new Leather Thorn paddle

We just received this new paddle from John of Leather Thorn Paddles and we’re thrilled with it! It has lots of good sting and is of the usual excellent quality that John is known for. We’re having lots of fun with it already.

What is so great about this paddle is that you can win one for your very own self! John is having a “Name This Paddle Contest” and the winner will receive one of these paddles as the prize. It’s a wonderful paddle so get your imagination in gear and come up with a name for this lovely. I know a lot of us spankos like to think up names for our toys and with a prize like this, I bet you good people won’t have any problems coming up with something suitable. You’ll have to hurry because you only have until December 7th.

I have to admit I’ve called that paddle a name or two at different times, but they’re not fit for any contest so it’s a good thing I already have this paddle. Dan on the other hand (and on the other side of the paddle) has taken to calling it “The Corrugator.” Why? Because he thinks that if used with enough vigor, the slots in the paddle will leave impressions that will make my bottom look corrugated. I’d be outraged, but I’m kinda curious about that myself so I guess more experimentation is needed. Curiosity is a good thing, right???


Bottoms Up!

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I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I flipped my blog roll recently for a bottoms up effect. I know, going bottoms up isn’t always easy. This young lady in the photo doesn’t seem to be enjoying it at all.

Girls Boarding School

But I kinda like it. Since I’m used to that position it in my daily life, I figured why not give it try here on the blog? I think I’d like the paddle in this next pic, too. Hey, it’s got to be better than that holey paddle they use sometimes! You know, like the paddle I had made. I must have been delirious or something when I made that order. The lengths I go to so my honey is happy. I swear, it had nothing to do with a severe case of greedy bottom!

Girls Boarding School

I think I like this photo set from Girls Boarding School because being flipped over the arm of a chair with my bottom in the air like that is a position I find myself in fairly frequently. You’d be amazed what you see from that angle. If I weren’t so busy kicking and squealing from whatever spanking I was getting, I might be ashamed of my not-so-perfect housekeeping skills. The spanking usually takes the edge off the guilt over that though. Lucky me!

Girls Boarding School video samples here.


Resting up

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I cannot believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! What happened to this year, it’s almost gone already? I’ve been on the go so much that I’m in dire need of a good rest. I need to get some energy stored up so I’ll be ready for some spankings that I’ve recently earned. It would be great if we could get them taken care of in a timely manner, I suppose. But it’s also kind of nice to know I have a few saved up so I can pull one out when I’m feeling frisky. Maybe this weekend…I can’t believe it’s almost Friday either! Where did the week go?

Oh well, at least I’m happy. I just want to put that out there for the folks who either wrote or commented (and never got out of moderation) after my last post with their opinions about how sad and/or pathetic I am. I’m neither sad nor pathetic!

*Warning! Warning! Rant on the horizon!*

Just because I consulted with my honey before buying a pair of pajamas doesn’t make me a loser. It’s called being considerate of one’s significant other! I don’t understand why anyone would totally discount the feelings or opinions of the person they love for their own pleasure. I guess that’s what some people do, but that’s not me. I love Dan and what I do with him isn’t anyone’s business but his and my own. So there. Hmph.

Sorry, I don’t think I’ve ever ranted on my blog before, but that kinda pissed me off. I know why Dan doesn’t like that type of pajamas so I just wanted to discuss it with him first. That’s what I do. He actually had no real objection once we discussed it. In fact, he thinks I’m cute in those pajamas. That’s enough to make me happy any day. Now I just have to work on being good. At least until I get caught up on my spankings!

Oh wait, it’s almost that time of year and I’ve got some things on my wish list…I’ll have to be good for the rest of the year! Now I’m really going to need some rest in order to pull that off. Heh.


The Caning Pajamas

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It all started because I had to run into a store to grab a couple of sale items I wanted. This is how way too many of my “spanked because of shopping” incidents occur, so you’d think I’d know better, right? Yeah, yeah, but then I’d be sensible. Especially since I had Dan with me and he’d agreed to the little shopping detour on conditions. The conditions were that I would be quick and just get the items I was going in for; no wandering around and no getting sidetracked by non-essential items.

So off I went in one direction as Dan went in the other. As I’m zipping through the aisles, conscious of how much time I’m spending because Dan was only getting a couple of items of his own and I surely didn’t want to keep him waiting, I saw my downfall in the pajama section. I stood there like a deer in headlights looking at the cutest pajamas I’d ever seen.

“Oh my…I must have them…but I can’t…can I?” My brain locked up at that point as both the angel and the devil sitting on my shoulders both began to screech, “Squeeee!”

But Dan was somewhere in the same store and I needed to hurry. After all, he was good enough to cooperate by going shopping with me in the first place and I didn’t want to violate the shopping conditions. But these were the cutest pajamas I’d ever seen!

I slowly walked up to the display to fondle said pajamas. They were made of soft fleece…yum…with a yellow duck design. They were also a footed one piece with a zipper down the front. No drop seat though, but that was fine with me. Because they were the cutest pajamas I’d ever seen! Have I mentioned that?

But somewhere in my memory, I remembered something vital; Dan didn’t like that type of pajamas. *sigh*

Somehow I managed to regain my sanity and pull myself away from the display. Slowly, I walked away, with just one glace back before reminding myself to hustle. I was good, too, and managed to get in line before Dan. The shopping trip was a success, but I couldn’t forget those pj’s.

Much later that evening, I mentioned the pajamas. I wanted to know, how strong was his objection to them and if there could be an exception. After some discussion, it turned out Dan’s objection was more about sleeping in them than wearing them. Since I sleep in the nude, that wasn’t much of an objection it turned out and after I promised to never wear them in the bed, I got the clearance I needed. Woo-hoot!

There was one little condition though. Since Dan doesn’t like clothing that hampers easy access, he had to make some rule about them and, of course, that rule had to include his beloved delrin cane. He said if I bought the pajamas, anytime I wore them, he would cane me in them. I already have at least two pairs of panties that Dan thinks wearing them means I need a caning, was I ready for a pair of caning pajamas? I protested a little, but eventually I agreed. How could I not? I get the pajamas and a caning. Since the caning will be for fun, it’s a win-win as far as I was concerned so I went back and got my pj’s.

the caning pajamas

I was about to take a picture of these when Dan came along and added the cane for the full effect. Then he gave me a couple of strokes just for fun. He can’t even see the pajamas without reaching for the cane! Then he asked if I was going to put them on. I think I’ll put them on later this evening. They’re going to be my lounging pajamas; my lounging and caning pajamas, that is.

One last thing for those who might be interested, I bought the pajamas at Kmart. I got them in a larger size (that’s what they had) so they’re a little baggy on me, but I don’t care, they’re comfy. I lourve them!


I’m blaming the vacuum!

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icanhascheezburger vacuum lolcat

I cannot believe my elbow is still bothering me and I’m blaming the stupid vacuum. If only I hadn’t tried to be such a good *cough* girl and done all the vacuuming that day…*sigh* now my arm is all jacked up and I can barely type. Poor little me. Heh.

Okay, back to reality. I’ve had tendinitis before and it didn’t take this long to heal! And if one more person points out that it’s probably because I’m not a kid anymore, I’m going to bite them. Seriously.

For now, I’m resting it and treating it as directed, but it means I’m not doing much. I did manage to count up the comments and I have a total of nineteen. A special “Thank you” to everyone who commented! It looks like the belt won, but since I don’t have a belt, I’ll let Dan pick out the leather strap of his choosing. Then we’ll have big fun and I’ll tell you all about it! But not right now, I’m still taking it easy.

Why should my bad elbow prevent my spanking? Because it’s really bad. I’m having problems just letting it hang in the sling, it hurts no matter how little I move my arm. It’s ridiculous. I’ll be going to see my doctor in a week and I’m sure he’ll tell me I’m being impatient and I have to let it heal in its own time. Bleh.

Dan doesn’t think I’ll be able to get in a comfortable position and not move around too much so spanking is on the back burner for the most part. There are still the occasional surprise spanks, but nothing too exciting. That means I’m getting way behind in my spankings. I think I’m up to three spankings owed now. Geez. How did that happen? I’m such a good girl, it has to be a mistake! Right????

Cat pic courtesy of


Love Our Lurkers Day!

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Love Our Lurkers 2009

Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts has organized another Love Our Lurkers Day and it looks to be a great one! If you are one of the silent readers who visit here and other blogs, this is the day we encourage you to step out of the shadows and leave a comment.

I know you’re out there, so do a gal a favor and say “Hi.” I would beg but I have to save all my begging for Dan, so I’ll go for the pity tactic. I have a terrible case of tendinitis so I’m typing this using just my left hand…and it’s taking forever! I’m dedicated I tell you! And if it weren’t for spell check, this post would read more like a lol cat wrote it. LOL (Sorry, I had to do it.)

Even if you don’t comment here, go visit Bonnie or any of the blogs Bonnie has listed on her Love Our Lurkers post and comment there. At least make the rounds and see what’s going on for this LOL day. It’ll be fun I promise!

Normally I would automatically offer up my bottom to be spanked in exchange for comments so I hate to disappoint (I’ve done this for the previous LOL Days I participated in after all), but I feel like playing a little game while we’re at it. I’m calling it the “Spank Bethie with Comments” game. What are the rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! But I guess I should tell you how to play or we’ll just run amok, won’t we?

Okay, here are a few guidelines. If you’ve been reading here, then I bet you know which toys are available in my toy box. If you’re new, you can always go back and see what I have. I promise, there are lots to choose from. With that in mind, if you want to get me a swat in exchange for your comment, tell me which toy you think it should be with and why. While you’re at it, tell me a little about yourself as well. I’d love to know more about the people who visit me here!

When I tally the numbers later, I’ll see which toy got the most votes and the total number of comments will determine the number of spanks. Since there are no rules you can vote more than once if you want to vote for a different toy. I’m doing that so you delurkers will get a chance to practice comment posting. It’s not that I’m greedy or anything like that. *wink*

If you’re not delurking and just want to show how much you lurve me…I’ll count those comments, too. Nope, I’m not greedy at all!

In case you need a suggestion…pretty rose paddle!

Leather Thorn rose paddle

*Note: If your comment goes into moderation, that is normal because of my comment security and I will approve your comment asap.*


Holey Paddle = Ouchie Spanking!

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holey paddle

We gave that paddle a good workout recently and I can honestly report that it was one very ouchie spanking! It was also a good one, believe it or not. I know it looks scary and paddles with holes have a certain reputation, but I still enjoyed being paddled with it. Well, maybe not so much during certain moments of the actual spanking, but I definitely enjoyed the extra sting and the long lasting afterglow.

It really was a pretty good test of that paddle, too. That is, I think forty strokes is a good test. My bottom was extra tender the next day which is always a good sign so I’d say the paddle with holes is a success! I know Dan thought it was a success as well, but for different reasons. For some reason he likes all the wiggling and squealing and I was doing a lot of that so he was really pleased. He even keeps saying we’ll be using that paddle a lot from now on.

I guess this all means that we now have yet another intense toy added to our collection and one more reason to behave myself. I don’t even want to think what would happen if Dan decided that was the “Paddle of Laundry Encouragement.” Eeek!


Erotic Awakening and a New Paddle

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Life is good and I’m enjoying the last days of summer even as all the familiar signs of fall are beginning to appear. Since I’m staying in more, I was looking for something new to explore and just the thing happened along one day. I was contacted by a couple who wanted to review my blog for their podcast, Erotic Awakening, which sounded interesting.

Erotic Awakening

I was especially intrigued because I like podcasts anyway so I looked over their site, checked out their blog, and then listened to a couple of podcasts. I really enjoyed all of it. I like listening to podcasts on my Ipod because the format is really handy for me and the subject matter of Erotic Awakening is interesting and fun. I’m slowly working my way through the episodes and looking forward to listening to this week’s when I get a chance. I always like to hear from other kinksters so listening to them relate their experiences in a podcast is very cool. I highly recommend them, and not just because they gave me a really nice review.

As for my new paddle. Oh me, oh my, the trouble I get myself in sometimes!

GBS paddle

Dan has wanted a paddle like the one they use at the Girls Boarding School site, but I couldn’t find one exactly like that one so I custom ordered a paddle from Woodrage Paddles. Luckily, they were familiar with the paddle I was looking for.

That’s right, I custom ordered that paddle myself. I didn’t order one quite as large like the one they use because I’m not completely crazy. I mean, seriously, that paddle is baaaad!

Here are some sample clips just in case you haven’t seen that paddle in action. Eeek, right?

Dan was thrilled when he unwrapped the paddle and immediately wanted to give it a test run. Dan decided ten spanks would be good enough for starters and I was game, so I bent right over and he bared my bottom while I calmly waited for the first stroke. When I ordered the paddle, I figured a little less paddle would mean a little less burn but that didn’t exactly work out for my bottom after all. It’s still a hefty piece of wood and those holes add to it’s effectiveness for extra burning power. It turns out that despite not being huge, it’s still plenty big enough to cover a lot of bottom area. I found that out immediately after the first swat landed.

Owwww! As that first swat burned across my bottom, it sank in that I might have made a mistake. Then when the second stroke landed, I knew I was in trouble. As the paddling continued, I squealed, I yelped, I kicked, I begged, and then I just yelled. It didn’t do any good, Dan just keep swinging that paddle and promising to keep paddling if I dared to get up. He did not hold back even though it was the “testing” phase. Ten swats and I was very impressed. My bottom was even more impressed, as well as red and somewhat tenderized.

Since the first test, I’ve gotten a few more strokes in preparation for the first “real” paddling with our new toy that Dan has promised me. I suspect I’m going to have one very sore bottom very soon. Yum.


Now what have I done???

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stinging nettles

Remember my nettle experience? I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Dan’s crop of nettles died a slimy death as he recounted here on his blog. That was all about a year ago and we haven’t had a chance since then to revisit the subject, until recently.

It seems that I had a bout of temporary insanity recently. That often happens right after a really good spanking; the afterglow from a sore bottom makes me extra crazy kinky. Well, during that bout of insanity, I ordered some stinging nettle plant starters. I had no idea what I was doing in so many ways but I did it anyway. It was crazy!

Then, just to make sure I didn’t lose my nerve, I told Dan ahead of time that the plants were coming. I told him I wanted to let him know so he’d be ready for them when they arrived. I kept telling myself, “It’s going to be fun! Woo-hoot!” I really had to keep telling myself that, too.

Some sensible part of my brain kept trying to nudge me with some sort of logical argument against putting that sort of thing in Dan’s hands and what the outcome was sure to be, but as usual, other parts of me drowned that argument out by saying, “Yeah, that’s the whole point, stupid! Now go away so we can have some fun over here.” That was followed by a loud raspberry at which point the logical part of my brain gave up, mumbled something about not to come crying to it when things went badly, and the butterflies in my stomach started dancing again. Spank lust wins again!

Things then proceeded as planned. Dan bought the plant stuff, the starters arrived, they were planted as directed, and now we’re waiting. There’s one set in a planter right under the window were I have my computer set up. I can watch it grow right from my desk. I do sneak glances at it once in a while, which makes me wonder about the positioning of the planter, but so far, not much is happening. I know, these things take time. But I’m not the most patient gal.

I keep waiting for this thing to sprout and it gives me lots of time to wonder, fret, and anticipate. On the one hand I’m thinking, “Dang it, grow!” On the other hand, I remind myself that they are stinging nettles after all, and I think, “Now what have I done?” Then about a second later, as I ponder the “stinging” description and I remember how they felt…ohhhh yeah… I’m back to “Dang it, grow, you little beasties!”

It can be complicated being this kinky. *wink*

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