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New Leather Toys!

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Look what Dan bought for me! Aren’t they lovely?



I just love them! He bought them from Leather Thorn Paddles and they’re wonderfully crafted. They’re also the perfect combination of stingy and thuddy that I like.

The rose paddle feels wonderful when used lightly as well as harder. The strap is pretty intense but I *like* that.

Dan just couldn’t wait to try them out on me and gave me a couple of good ones with the strap and several light to heavy spanks with the rose paddle. Wow! My bottom was still nice and warm several minutes later.

That’s when Dan got inspired and gave me a few more with both. That short spanking turned my bottom a very nice shade of red and it’s still hot twenty minutes later. And I’m no light-weight when it comes to spanking.

Dan’s almost complained that I have a tough bottom because he has to really work to mark my bottom and keep it warm. Well, I think that problem has been solved. And I’m so happy! *grin*


CB Paddle

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What is it about these paddles that catch brats attention?


They look harmless enough – after all, they’re just a kid’s toy. But it’s funny, this paddle has become something of a spanko legend. They have a nasty reputation among the brat community and all the spankers want one. I, for one, can attest to their ability to deliver a very stingy spanking.

I can remember when I thought I really needed one and was anxious to get to the local Cracker Barrel just so we could get one. I had no idea what I was asking for. From the first spank I knew I was in trouble.

It seems I’m not the only one who feels this way. We were talking at Spanking Den about what implements we’d like to try and someone mentioned the CB paddle. There was an immediate and intense response from another brat who obviously doesn’t like the paddle either. She was fairly adamant about it, in fact. LOL

In case you missed it the first time around, you can find the same paddles they sell at the Cracker Barrel here. This is for you folks who really think you want one and can’t get to a Cracker Barrel.

As for you brats, take my advice and be careful what you wish for! *wink*


My New Forum

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I’ve been talking about setting up a spanking forum for some time and I’ve finally done it. Spanking Den is the new site and we’re hoping to make it the friendliest spanking forum on the net.

I say “we” because Dan is one of my moderators. Yes, I’ve dragged the poor man in. He indicates that in his profile, too!

Our goal is to promote discussion of this lifestyle in an open and kink friendly way. We want the forum to be comfortable like the den in our own home would be. We’d like our members to feel like they can come by to share and discuss freely all aspects of their lifestyle comfortably.

One of the main reasons I wanted my own forum was because I’ve been a member of other forums and for one reason or another, they’re no longer a good fit. It’s not easy to find people to talk to about this lifestyle and since everyone’s level of kink is a little different, it makes finding a comfortable discussion board difficult.

I’m in a different place than I was when Dan and I first met. We’re in a mature spanking relationship and we both have a lot of serious kinks. I can’t seem to find a board where there are more people like me. Or rather, a place where they aren’t critical of people like me.

I have a few cyber buddies I visit with here and there but we really don’t have a place we can go and hang out. So I decided to start my own forum to see if anyone else feels the same way.

I invite everyone to come by and check it out. If you like what you see, sign up for a membership – it’s free, and say “Hi!” And while you’re at it, check out my profile. Dan says the pic I’ve chosen for it isn’t exactly what he had in mind when we set up the options. I think it’s adorable!


Lazy Sunday

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It’s a lazy day and I’m thinking of taking a long soak in the tub. It was awfully nice of Dan to buy me a new rubber duckie just for times like this.


Isn’t it adorable? It’s the perfect bath companion and even looks cute sitting by the tub. It’s a good thing we don’t have a lot of visitors. They might think we’re kinky or something. *grin*

In case you’d like a duckie, too, I noticed Condomania has them available in their “Gifts & Novelty” section in the “Lil Kinky” department. “Lil Kinky”? That duck looks more like “very” kinky to me. *wink*


Saturday’s Fun

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It’s Saturday which is usually our “easy day” and Dan seems to be intent on making sure I feel every minute I spend sitting at my computer. Every chance he gets, he either swats me with his hand or gives me a few whacks with the cane.

He just keeps coming up with excuses to spank me. Like when he was teasing me about something and I told him to “hush”. I think it was a legitimate response but he didn’t see it that way. Hmph!

Dan says he doesn’t need excuses to spank me but he sure seems to like coming up with new ones. I don’t mind though. I’m kinda enjoying this spank-filled Saturday. We’re spending time just being together. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and another reason I love being with Dan. We fit each other so well it still surprises both of us. I’m still amazed I’ve found this man!

It’s a good day and I’m going to take advantage of it as much as possible. Sitting is becoming a little more of a challenge as the day goes on but you won’t hear me complaining. I love this man. *grin*


Spanking Furniture

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We just got a new couch and Dan has decided it’s perfect for spanking me on. When I was shopping for it, his only concern was if the arms would be good for bending me over. He even asked me if I’d checked the height of the arms to make sure I’d be able to bend over them comfortably.

I know the people at the furniture store are used to people sitting on the couches, maybe even lying down on them, but somehow I think throwing myself over the arms of them would’ve raised some eyebrows. I just very slyly leaned into the arms while checking out the back cushions.

Now that we have it in our own living room, we’ve had a chance to really check it out. I fit very nicely over the cushiony arms just like I thought I would. What I didn’t expect was, when I lie face down and stretch out, it puts me in a position Dan likes. He says it’s a perfect spanking pose.

Of course, any position I’m in that allows access to my bottom is perfect for spanking as far as he’s concerned. I’m not complaining though. And it’s funny how I end up streched out on the couch quite a bit. *wink*

Also, if anyone is keeping up with the chocolate situation at our house, Dan gave up the truffle eggs in an act of self preservation. I’d gotten kinda desperate and wild-eyed, I guess. The eggs were delicious and exactly what I needed. I even danced around in a chocolate frenzy before settling down to play computer games. I got some pretty high scores, too. LOL


The Paddles Of Summer

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All brats beware! Now that summer will soon be upon us, the stores have stocked their shelves with all kinds of new nasty toys for evil minded tops to find.

Prokadima game sets are plentiful and come in many varieties. Dan found a set like this one at a local department store among the beach toys.


Not only is this thing big, it stings something awful. They say it’s a popular beach game but I have my doubts. I’ve never seen anyone out playing with anything like this before. I’d have noticed.

The worst thing about these sets is that they come with two paddles per package. Two! I can’t even hide one and pretend he just misplaced it. The darn thing came with a backup paddle.

The other item to be aware of is that scary thing marketed as a handheld bug zapper. It looks like a badminton racquet with metal wires but isn’t anywhere near as innocent. If you doubt me, take a look through these movies Dan linked to in this post. There are two that feature the zapper in them.

We haven’t played with the zapper paddle for a while but I remember its “zing” very well. Ouchie!

I swear there are some evil tops out there marketing these summer goodies. I keep envisioning a beach scene, the “Jaws” theme is playing in the background, and tops are lurking about with Prokadima paddles and bug zappers ready to attack. Oh my! I remember when all I had to worry about was a wet bottom spanking! *grin*


Chocolate Cravings

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I love chocolate and at the moment I’m craving it like crazy. I’m blaming it on hormones and hoping my emergency stash gets me through the night. Otherwise, poor Dan might be forced to go out in the middle of the night and hunt some down for me.

For now I have a couple of chocolate bars left over from our last trip. They’re not in the best of shape though. They got smashed in my luggage and are completely stuck to their wrappers.

Dan’s offered to peel the wrappers off for me should I get too desperate but I’m not sure if he offered out of sweetness or self-preservation. I can get a little grumpy when I’m like this. What’s worse is that it’s not a good time for a spanking either. *pout*

Trying to take my mind off my troubles, I went surfing around and stumbled across something at Condomania that almost pushed me over the edge.

I found these under the category of “Sinful Chocolates” and they have his and hers. I loved this description: “As soon as she puts on this thong, the heat from her body will begin to melt the chocolate heart.” His chocolate has a hole in the middle of it for…well, you know what for. I almost started to drool. Oh man, I may have to ask Dan to peel those candy bars for me after all!


A Spanking With A Twist

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It started out as just another spanking. I was lying face down on the bed and Dan was warming me up nice and slow, just the way I like it. He’d hand spanked my entire bottom slowly building up the heat and occasionally giving me a sharp spank just to keep me from getting too relaxed.

My bottom was feeling quite warm when Dan moved on to the tawse. The leather of that toy is just right as far as I’m concerned. It’s stingy enough to make me squirm but not too thuddy so it can be used for prolonged sensation play.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself, moaning and wiggling as I rubbed myself into the pillow I was lying across. Dan said something about how I seemed to be enjoying myself and slipped his fingers into my very warm and juicy pussy just to be sure. I pushed myself against his hand and tried to say something but all I could do was moan into the bedcovers.

Before I could take full advantage of Dan’s fingers, he moved away. Thinking he was going back to spanking me, I presented my bottom up into the air for him. He encouraged me to spread my legs a little more and really stick my bottom up. I obeyed and waited.

That’s when I felt something cool and wet being massaged into my bottom hole. I started to tense up but Dan encouraged me to relax, he had a new toy for me. I knew what that meant. It was time for the butt plug.

At first he just put the tip in and worked it back and forth, then slowly he worked the plug into me. As I felt it entering me, I was tempted to clench up but somehow I managed to relax enough for him to finish pushing it in. As soon as it was in place, I felt my bottom close around it. That’s always a strange and exciting feeling.

I laid there getting used to this new sensation and barely aware of Dan. That is until the tawse landed full across my bottom. I gasped feeling not only the sting of the tawse on my bottom but the sensation of the tawse landing on the base of the plug.

Dan spanked me with the tawse for quite a while before he decided to move on to the big leather strap. I was pretty busy just enjoying all the sensations my bottom was experiencing so I hadn’t made much noise or moved much. I guess he thought he needed more power.

That first lick of that strap is always a surprise but it was even more so this time with that plug so firmly in place. I was really trying to be still and just enjoy everything I was feeling so he didn’t get much reaction though. Normally I’m squawking and wriggling around but that butt plug had my full attention.

Because the big strap is a lot heavier than the tawse, it manipulated that plug and my bottom even more and made me even crazier and hotter than before. I thought I was going to explode before he was done with me.

It’s a good thing he was feeling it, too, and after just a few minutes with the strap, he stopped and told me to roll over. I don’t know what it was about that spanking, but it didn’t take long for either of us to climax and collapse happily into the bed. The plug was good for both of us, I guess.

The funny thing is, now that we’ve tried combined the plug with spanking, Dan wants to do it again but for a totally different reason than me. He says the plug kept me from squawking and complaining. He thinks it’s a miracle cure. I guess as long as we both had fun it doesn’t matter…and we really did have a lot of fun! Who’d a thunk it? *wink*


Spank Your Maid Month

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I just heard that April is Spank Your Maid Month. Oh goody! To me that means it’s time to go looking for a French maid’s outfit. I found this yummy vinyl one at Eros Boutique.


I love it and I know Dan will too! It’s about time we got to play “spank the naughty maid”. *grin*


Gone Shopping

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I should’ve said something sooner but I’ve been busying nesting again and haven’t been blogging as often as I should. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things but with new curtains to hang and other fun nesting materials calling my name, it’s hard. Heck, I’m worn out from all the shopping I’ve had to do. *grin*

I’ve actually come up with an almost spank-proof way of shopping, too. Instead of taking Dan with me on all my expeditions, I go out scouting first. I buy little stuff as I please but for the big purchases I go out and find what I want before I involve Dan.

It’s a neat trick that seems to be working. So far he’s only teasing me about earning a spanking for one upgrade. We went into a store with our minds supposedly made up about what television we were going to buy but somehow came out of the store with one that cost twice as much.

Not my fault, of course. I was standing by the one we were planning to buy but looking yearningly at the one I really wanted. Luckily he saw it, too, and couldn’t resist it. He’s been teasing me, telling me I deserve a spanking for the upgrade but he admits he’s just playing.

I’m not quite sure I’m completely pleased with how well my plan has worked though. I may have to revise my rewards campaign. When I’ve been an especially good shopper, I think I should receive an extra good spanking.

I need to work on the specifics, but this could be the answer I’ve been looking for. When I find a really good bargain, I should get a reward spanking. I’ll start my own reward program. For every successful shopping venture I complete, I should get a good girl spanking.

That makes sense, right? Now I just have to talk Dan into it. Wish me luck!


Not Just Another Spanking Toy

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Woo-hoo! It’s been a crazy week here so I decided to try and wind down (or up) by searching the net for more stuff to put on my wish list. I found some nice goodies but this one really caught my interest.

I found this beauty of a belt while looking around at Venus Envy but they were out of stock so they redirected me here to ASLAN Leather.

trick belt

As soon as I laid eyes on it, I started having some very explicit fantasies. This belt can be worn like any other belt but when the time for action comes around, it can be pulled through the belt loops and used for more interesting functions. One site suggested it would work well as a restraint for wrists, ankles, or thighs.

Thigh restraints? Oh my! That works into my ginger fantasies very nicely.


Pre-Shopping Spanking

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Invidia asked what I did while shopping that embarrassed Dan so much he’d walk away from me. I actually think it’s funny that things I see as perfectly acceptable are not within Dan’s comfort level.

For starters, I can barely get him to walk into the store with me if I plan to return or exchange an item. It’s not like I’m trying to put one over on the store or anything. Sometimes things are defective or aren’t right for some legitimate reason and I see nothing wrong with exchanging or returning said item.

Dan on the other hand views shopping as a gamble. You pay your money and you take your chances. If he buys an item and it doesn’t work, he writes it off to bad luck and moves on. I repack it and take it back to the place of purchase. That’s my job now since he refuses to go anywhere near customer service.

That’s okay though, I *like* dealing with customer service. That where true brats get a work out. Most of the time it’s a piece of cake but occasionally I get a real challenge at the counter. Like the time the girl tried to charge me extra even though I was exchanging one item for the exact same item. I stood my ground and eventually she found a supervisor to sort it out before I threw a tantrum.

Dan also won’t stick around if I head for the deli counter. What is wrong with asking for what I want? I admit I’m particular about how my meats and cheeses are sliced but I’m very polite while going through the process.

If I see a new product I’d like to try, I see no problem with asking for a sample. I’m in the process of buying anyway and besides that, I’ll buy the new product if I like it so it’s a sale for them. I don’t see the problem. It’s not like I’m walking around asking for free stuff. I’m trying to make a purchase. Geez! That’s not being bratty, that’s being a smart shopper.

Now I admit that when I’m in the seasonal toy aisle, I can get a little crazy. I love making the animotion toys do their thing and I get great joy out of trying them all. It’s good clean fun. Also, there’s a singing cat sitting in our baggage even as I speak so I’m not trying them out for nothing.

The other thing is, believe it or not, I like to try on shoes before I buy them. Gasp! The horror!

Sorry, but I’m not buying a pair of shoes I haven’t tried on, walked around in a little, and looked at in those little mirrors. Dan didn’t even know about the little hose booties they have available for such insanity.

I know I looked at him liked he was an alien straight from outer space when he told me he just grabs a pair of shoes in his size and buys them. No trying on, no walking around in them, no mirrors, and certainly no little hose booties. I thought I was going to hyperventilate.

There is one little thing that might be confused with being bratty. Sometimes I see something and I need to go check it out. It’s not my fault he wasn’t paying attention or didn’t hear me. Dan swears I’m always racing off and leaving him standing around not knowing what to do because I’ve “run off on him”. It’s not running off. It’s shopping. I always find more than what’s on my list. Not my fault.

Honestly, I don’t think any of this shopping behavior is bratty. Despite what I think, Dan’s become a big believer in preventive spanking. And while I don’t think I need to be spanked before going out, it’s nice sometimes. A slightly warm bottom makes me feel all giggly and girly inside.

I’m not sure Dan’s spanking regime is working as he’d planned but it’s working…in a roundabout sort of way. I’m feeling well-spanked and loved so I’m behaving as best as I can. That’s something anyway. Besides, what would he do if I was perfectly behaved and he couldn’t make the most of his spanking regime? I can’t let him down like that! *grin*


The Joys Of Being A Brat

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As I write this, I’m sitting on a very tingly bottom due to a few hard swats Dan gave me with the bath brush. He’s off to take care of business and I’m about to go out to an outdoor arts and crafts fair.

I love hopping from booth to booth looking for unique items. Yesterday I bought some very nice jewelry but only got through part of the fair. I like looking closely at items and it drives Dan crazy. His method is to stroll quickly by each booth and if something catches his eye, pause for a moment before moving on.

I can’t do that! I have to inspect the things that catch my eye, turn them over, ask questions, and generally assure myself as to whether I need the item or not. My idea of “need” is a lot different from Dan’s too. I’ve “needed” several items that he just shakes his head at. Lucky for me, he’s sweet enough not to comment.

Dan’s only worry during my little excursions is that I behave. If we’re together, he swears if I embarrass him, he’ll just walk off and leave me. I’ve decided between that threat and our different shopping styles, that it’s just better to go shopping by myself. I can’t help it if my gung-ho nature sometimes comes across as being bratty.

So we decided I’d go shopping alone. And Dan being Dan, he decided to buy himself a little insurance with the bath brush. He thinks that if he gives me a tingly bottom to take with me while I’m out, that it’ll be a reminder to behave myself.

I’m not sure it works like he plans though. There’s something in me that makes a quick spanking (no matter how intense) more of a good thing than the true detterent he had in mind.

Somehow having a tingly bottom makes me feel like more of a well-loved brat inside. I get this giddy fun-loving feeling and I go out into the world secure and sure of myself. It doesn’t matter that I know I’ll get more of the same. In fact, I’m happy to know that’s what I’ll get.

I’m not saying I won’t behave myself. I’ll keep my bratting down to a dull roar with strangers not because I’m afraid of a spanking I could get. I behave myself because I have a tingling bottom given to me by the man who loves and cherishes me. The tingling is a sweet and quiet reminder I’ll be carrying with me.

I’ll go out happy and confident. It’s hard to be too bratty when I’m feeling so good. Dan’s efforts to help me behave don’t work exactly like he plans but they still work. I can’t say I find anything wrong with that deal at all. *grin*

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