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Pretty Picture For Monday

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It’s going to be another Manic Monday around here so I thought I’d just post a pretty picture of Bettie enjoying herself in the sun. It’s not spanking, it’s not bondage, but it is pretty. Enjoy!

Image courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.


I’m Gonna Need A GG Spanking

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I’m afraid that this week the GG stands for Grumpy Girl. I’ve had a head cold most of the week and it’s made me a very grumpy girl. I had big plans for this week, too. Now the laundry is just going to have to wait…darn.

Seriously, right up until I started sneezing and wheezing, Dan had been promising we’d give the rubber paddle a good tryout soon. Now I’ve got to wait and I was really looking forward to that. I guess my bottom will have to wait to find out just how evil that paddle really is.

In the meantime, I’m playing lots of Zuma, resting, and watching lots of bad tv. Dan’s amazed at the amount of bad tv I can tolerate but when I’m sick, it somehow makes me feel better.

For some reason, Dan thinks nipple pinches make me feel better so I’ve been getting some of those, too. I can’t decide if he’s right or not. It’s not exactly the cure for the common cold, but it does take my mind off my cold for a little bit anyway.

I just took another dose of cold medicine so I’m going to stop making sense soon. It’s probably time for bed anyway. I just wanted to point out that I recently upgraded the software here so if you comment and it doesn’t show up, it’s gone into moderation until I can okay it. If you’ve commented before, it should go right through. I just got tired of all the spam comments I was having to moderate.

I’m afraid that’s about it for now, not much spanking around here. I’ll be well soon though and we’ll be back in action. We better be anyway. I need that spanking in oh so many ways.


It’s All About The Bottom

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That’s what the topic this week at Bonnie’s Spanko Brunch is about. Bonnie asks, “Does your bottom play extend beyond spanking?”

It seems the answer for most of us spankos is a definite “Yes!”

I, for one, love all the attention Dan pays to my bottom. He takes every opportunity to caress, pinch, pat, squeeze, and spank my bottom cheeks. He’s always telling me he can’t keep his hands off me, and that’s fine by me.

Even when he’s asleep, he reaches over pats and squeezes me from time to time. Even though I only notice it when I’m not quite asleep, I always find those sleepy caresses quite comforting. If I’m having trouble sleeping, I find it usually helps me get right back to sleep.

Then there’s the extra attention my bottom gets during a spanking; we’ve found butt plugs can add to our play. I enjoy the sensation it adds to a good spanking and Dan swears it keeps me from wiggling too much. I think I tend to be still for a couple of reasons. For one thing, there’s a lot going on down there at that point and I’m concentrating on all the sensations. For another, I’ve found that the act of having Dan insert the plug can put me into a deeper submissive mindset and that tends to make me more compliant and eager to please.

We’ve also tried figging as an added sensation. It can be quite invigorating, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, you should try it sometime. Check out if you want to learn more. Suffice it to say, figging definitely adds a whole new component to a good spanking!

Of course, I can’t leave out the after-care my bottom receives when discussing this topic. Dan is always eager to examine his handiwork. He enjoys marks that really stand out like cane marks and crop marks and he’ll often trace their outlines with his fingertips. That sensation is quite sensuous for me. I also love it when he squeezes or pinches my bottom hard while it’s still hot and throbbing from a spanking.

Now that I think about it, I like him to pay attention to my bottom anytime. When we’re at the theater and I have to get up during the movie, I like it if the seats are close enough that I have to squeeze past. Dan always takes the opportunity to give me a little squeeze. That always makes me giggle. Yup, we’re all about the bottom here.

Don’t forget to visit Bonnie to read what other spankos had to say on this one!

Image courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.


The Rubber Paddle Has Arrived!

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It arrived just in time for the weekend, too! As soon as Dan unwrapped it he just had to give it a try, and since I’d been rather anxious to find out how evil rubber really is, I went right over the arm of the sofa.

Dan likes to give new toys a real tryout which meant my bottom had to be bare. He pulled down my pants and panties and gave me about five good swats with the paddle. That was all I needed to confirm my suspicions; rubber is evil!

Dan approved because he barely had to swing it before he got my attention. It’s heavy and flexible so it gives a good whap with lots of burn. Dan was also impressed with how red my bottom got from so few spanks. Normally he has to work harder than that to get any color, but the rubber paddle left very distinct and very red marks.

All I knew was that the deep burning sensation lasted a few minutes despite some hopping and rubbing on my part. I have to say, I’m impressed! I’m so impressed, I’m wondering just how much spanking I can take with that thing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to play with it this weekend, and I’m sure when it’s over I’ll be hopping and rubbing like crazy. I may even throw in a good booty shake.

That may have to be the new greedy bottom spanking scale. Nice toys rate a quick rub, the slightly evil toys rate a good rub and a little dancing, and the really evil toys rate a real dance complete with rubbing, hopping, and wiggling. You know, that might work.

I really need to come up with some way of grading all these toys, I’d sure hate to get them mixed up in my mind and ask for the wrong one sometime. That could be dangerous.

Especially if I forget which ones I’m trying to avoid and get myself in a position where Dan’s threatening to use one of the evil toys. It’s bad enough that I ask for the cane when we’re just playing, I don’t want to get any more confused than that!


Just A Peek Of Cheek

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What is it about just showing a little peek of flesh that is so alluring? I know that whenever I’m wearing a pair of panties that shows off that little bit of round bottom cheek, Dan is quick to react. He can’t seem to resist spanking that teasing flesh.

That may be why I *like* that type of panties so much. It’s also why when I’m getting dressed for us to go out somewhere special, I make a point of letting him see which panties I’m wearing. I pick a special pair, then take my time putting my cothes on.

I’m not sure if it does anything for Dan, but I enjoy knowing what little slip of undies I’m wearing under my clothes. The only thing better than knowing I’m barely wearing any panties, is knowing that the part of my bottom peeking out has proof of a recent spanking.

Just yesterday I was wearing a pair of lacy pink panties that showed off quite a bit of cheek and Dan quickly reacted. Later as I went to finish getting ready, I had to stop and glance in the mirror. Just as I’d hoped, that little bit of cheek peeking out had a nice pink blush that almost matched my panties. It was perfect and I left the house grinning to myself. Sometimes I wonder if anyone else notices my secret smile and if they’d be surprised to know what I’m grinning about. Hmmm?

Pretty picture courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.


I Want Some Spanking Furniture

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I saw this image from the movie “Belt Slipper Rod” from Fetish Flixx, and I was consumed with spanko envy. I want one of those spanking benches!

What is that called? A spanking horse or just bench? Either way, I want one. I think it would help with the spanking symmetry problem we sometimes have.

I’m tempted to try what Am and Dave did with their folding steps after reading both his and her’s posts (on their now discontinued blog so no links to the posts). It was quite inspiring! I have some of those steps and I’ve been giving them the eye since reading those posts of theirs. I even tried bending over them for size. It has possibilities.

I guess I could get out the tools, order some wood, and go to work but it’s been awhile since I’ve tried anything like that. I’d probably end up with a lopsided horse and then drive myself crazy trying to even out the legs. And before you know it, I’d have a footstool. Yup, I better find another solution.

I think I’ll go look at those folding steps again.


Lolly Crop Spanking Toy

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This is my newest toy! It’s the Lolly Crop from JT’s Stockroom. Isn’t it pretty? And it’s fun, fun, fun!

The head of the crop is made of silicone and delivers quite a nice little smack. It’s not like other crops that have a devilish sting but not much thud. This crop has some nice thud and it’s concentrated in small areas. The sensations drive me wild. They’re small thuddy smacks that can be landed wherever Dan wants to put them.

I really like it when he lands them on the lowest spot of my cheeks toward the middle. That spot gets missed by some of the other toys and this one can reach that spot just right. Yum!

Dan likes the control this crop has. He can land it exactly where and how he wants it to land. That’s important to him. He really enjoyed the ability to spank exactly the same spot over and over. That made me squeal a bit but Dan just thinks that adds to the fun.

He also enjoyed the wiggling that resulted from some fast well-placed spanks. One nice thing is, despite the wiggling he was still able to keep spanking because, unlike some other toys, he didn’t have to be absolutely precise with the smaller and round surface of this toy.

It made for a very enjoyable experience and that round head left some interesting marks. I’ve even got a few round marks that are still a little tender, so it’s not completely harmless.

That’s the latest toy update. I’m waiting anxiously for another new toy Dan ordered recently and I’m hoping it’ll get here soon so I’ll find out if the description was correct. The online descriptions aren’t always enough, I have to feel them for myself. I think that might be another sign of being a greedy bottom. I really need to start that support group!


Bonnie’s Spanko Brunch

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Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts had a great brunch question this week.

Please describe your favorite spanking position and why you prefer it. Have you a second, perhaps more exotic, position you would like to introduce?

I responded in her comments as did many others. There are some great responses there so I highly recommend checking it out!

We May Have To Postpone That Spanking…

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Okay, so it’s Sunday and I noticed my left leg and hip were bothering me. I’d been working on my computer doing a little maintenance but I hadn’t been there long enough to warrant that type of ache.

I complained to Dan a bit and he was really concerned. I got up, walked around a little, came back and pretty soon it started to hurt again. He came over from his computer as I was explaining the pain to him. I moved my leg around a bit and then sat back down at my computer chair.

We were trying to figure it out when without thinking, I shifted all my weight from my right bottom cheek over to my left. That’s when we realized that’s what my problem was. I was sitting all twisted up to keep my weight off the sorest part of my bottom.

Dan thought that was mighty funny and told me he couldn’t have any sympathy for my plight since I got that way trying to avoid sitting on the tenderest part of my bottom. He thinks I need to sit on the tenderest spot and even asked if I needed some help remembering to sit in the proper posture position.

At that point, I decided that might not be in my bottom’s best interest and came up with a new game plan. I’m going to go out and spend the day enjoying the great outdoors…and off my poor bottom. I certainly don’t need posture lessons! And I think I’d better put off my evening plan for another night. Or figure out a way to give Dan a better angle on the other side of my bottom. I think my right cheek needs a break. I need a little symmetry for my bottom!


The Spanked Bottom Update

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After last night’s very successful and highly satisfying spanking date night, my bottom has a general tenderized feeling. The most tender areas being my sit spots and a welt left from the cane. I’m a very happy and most satiated spanked girl.

The cane welt happens to be right were my panty line generally is, which had made for an interesting day. Let’s just say finding a pair of panties that didn’t make me wince when I put them on was a challenge. Dan suggested going without, but I didn’t want to go out like that. I had some shopping to do and there was a chance I might have to try on a few things. It’s a good thing I like those frilly panties that are barely there anyway.

Pulling on my jeans was a different story, there was no way to make that more comfortable. The more I walked around, the more convinced I became that trying on jeans probably wasn’t a good idea on this shopping trip.

Even the ride to the mall was made just a bit more of an adventure. The car seats are comfortable but not exactly soft and shifting from cheek to cheek wasn’t an option. Once I arrived and was able to hop out of the car, I almost reached back to rub my tender spots. But I didn’t want to give the kids hanging out in the parking lot a show.

I’ll save the story of the spanking date itself for later. Right now I’m just enjoying having a tender bottom. I’m savoring the moment because tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be back to normal.

The good news is, I still have a couple of spanking movies to watch. I got them to review so I need to get to that. Yeah, I know, watching those movies just inspires Dan to spank my bottom. Another spanking so soon will undoubtedly leave me with an even sorer bottom since, hopefully, I’ll still be slightly tenderized. That’s what I’m after…errr…I mean, that’s the chance I’m going to have to take! Yeah, that’s what I meant. *wink*


Prepping For A Spanking Date

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I have a date with Dan for a spanking tonight. Yay! Now all I have to do is make my preparations. I know, I know, all I really need to do is show up, but I like to put a little more effort into our “date nights” than that.

I recently ordered some spanking movies which is what prompted us to make this date in the first place. I told Dan that I wanted to start reviewing them and we decided Friday night sounded like a good time. He asked me if I realized what watching spanking movies would lead to and I replied, “Yes, a spanking!” I think I even clapped my hands.

“Okay,” he replied, “It’s a date then!”

Yay! So now I’m trying to figure out which movie we should watch. I’m not much for straight discipline story lines or extremely harsh spankings between characters who don’t “connect” in some fashion. I like erotic spanking movies in which the spankings are intense and sexual. And those are not the easiest thing to find either. I ordered a few that sound like they might be what I’ve been looking for, I just need to decide if any of them will inspire the type of spanking I’m looking for.

I also need to give my razor strop another treatment so it’ll be ready. It’s really been soaking up the leather conditioner I’ve been applying and I want to make sure it’s available for use tonight. It’s going to take lots of treatment and use to make it more pliable, but that’s fine by me. Especially the part about more use, I’m determined to get that strap broken in. I don’t really want it to get softer, I just want to keep the leather conditioned to prevent damage or wear. I figure if I take care of it, it will take care of me. *wink*

The rest of the toys are his department. Although I’ve been known to drop subtle hints about which toys I’d like to play with. The other day I actually heard myself reminding him that it’s been awhile since we’ve played with the big rattan cane. Once again my greed has written a check my bottom will have to pay for. Greed is an evil thing…but I think the big rattan cane just might be able to cure me of that. It’s worth a try anyway.

Next on my to-do list; besides my strop, the other thing that needs conditioning is my bottom. I started by applying lots of aloe vera lotion this morning. I have a small rough patch left over from my last spanking. It’s kind of a scratchy spot that I hadn’t noticed it before this morning when I was making sure everything was in prime spanking condition. I’ll keep applying lotion and by tonight my bottom should be at its most spankable.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah! I need to figure out what to wear. Hmmmm….decisions, decisions! I guess I could just saunter out stark naked but I’d rather put on something sexy for inspiration. I better go check out my lingerie drawer and see what grabs my attention.

Okay, looks like I’ve got lots to do before we go out to dinner so I better get moving. I love date night!


Taking Care Of My Razor Strop

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It’s been about three days since my last spanking with the razor strop and my bottom’s no longer tender or marked. Which is a real shame since it left such a delicious tenderness and some interesting marks. It’s quite an impressive implement!

I don’t think I mentioned it’s dimensions earlier and I should have since it’s a toy to be respected. It measures 23″ long and 2 1/2″ wide and is made up of two heavy leather straps. Those are the ends of the straps in the picture above. Both straps are thick sturdy lengths of leather so combined they are quite a force to be reckoned with…and quite the spanking tool.

Have I mentioned my bottom was tender for two whole days???

I’m sorry but for my bottom, that’s quite an accomplishment. I don’t know if it’s all the years of spanking, but my bottom is incredibly resilient. Dan has quite a time getting it to mark at all and even then, the marks often fade by the next morning. I might even be a little tender the next morning, but even that goes away fairly quickly. I hate to admit it, but I think I have a tough bottom.

That’s why having tenderness for two whole days after a spanking is quite an accomplishment and why I am so enamored of that razor strop. I’ve spent the last couple of days applying leather treatment to the straps at Dan’s suggestion. I’d conditioned it a little before we used it but it really needed more. It’s an older strop that hasn’t been treated in years probably so if we’re going to be using it, it needs some serious mosturizing.

So I’ve been carefully tending to my strop, lovingly applying leather treatment every day while I think about how lovely it really is and how it so nicely tenderized my bottom. Yummmm…

I wonder if it’s because I’m such a greedy spanko that I could take such pleasure from preparing an implement so I can be spanked with it again and again. As I rub the treatment into those leather straps I’m reminded how much it burned as it was applied to my bottom. I remember how the straps left weals that burned so much that later when Dan made love to me and my bottom was being pushed down onto our bed, it felt like lines of fire were being applied to my bottom.

At one point I thought something hot must surely have been slipped under me because there was no way that burning sensation was just from my spanking. But it really was just the welts that were burning so much.

Even as I remember those sensations, I carefully finish the leather treatment and then return the strop to its new home on a nail on our bedroom wall. I run my hand one last time across the leather and leave it there for the next time. I never knew tending to my toys could be so enjoyable.


My Name Is Bethie And I’m A Greedy Spanko…

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It’s happened again. A few weeks ago, I read a very intense story that involved a razor strop and somehow I got it in my head that I needed a good razor strop. I don’t know why I decided that, especially since in the story the spanking the heroine received with the strop was described as severe and she didn’t like that razor strop one little bit.

You’d think that would have made me think that a strop wasn’t a smart investment but nooooo! It just made me determined to find one of those evil toys for myself. The picture above is the result of my search. Isn’t it lovely?

It’s a used strop but in very good shape. The leather is nice and obviously wasn’t used for it’s intended purpose too much. It’s also very heavy and has two separate leather pieces. I guess one is what you’d call backing, I’m not sure, but it’s a nice piece of leather as well.

The one thing that I am sure about is that my greed has once again doomed my poor bottom. That strop is evil! It burns so bad and it doesn’t take much effort from Dan to set my bottom on fire.

We started by bending me over the sofa for it’s official initiation. As soon as he landed the first lick of that strop, I knew I was in trouble. It had the sting of leather I love but was also thuddy enough to leave a lasting impression. And it lasted and lasted. Every stroke left the place on my bottom it landed on hot and stinging.

When I went to look I could see where each stroke had landed. I had four very distinct impressions of that strop running across my cheeks. Where the end of the strop landed left marks that were almost welts. Those were the ouchiest parts.

Later Dan used it while I was bent over the side of the bed and then again when I was stretched out on the bed. The first couple of times we were experimenting with it so the strokes varied quite a bit. By the time Dan had me on the bed, he had become quite familiar with it. He gave me some nice strokes at first before landing some good hard ones. At the end of that spanking, my bottom was burning and throbbing. I was enjoying every bit of it, too.

Now after a weekend of playing with the strop, I’m sitting on a very tender bottom. I’ve even got a few really sore spots that I keep getting reminded of. If I shift around too much in my chair, I’m sure to put pressure on one or another of them. I’m doing a lot of shifting, too. It’s my way of checking to see if that sore spot is still there. I like being reminded that I’m well spanked. Not to mention that it feels good. It’s making sitting at this computer a little…ummm…interesting.

Yup, I’m a greedy spanko alright…and I’ve got the sore bottom to prove it. Yum!

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