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It Was A Really Big Bird

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Thanksgiving was fun, but it looks like we’re going to have company in our place for the weekend, which means no spanking fun.

Well, we could, I suppose…but the walls are thin and I think any bedroom activities would be a bit too much info for the company we’re going to have. It was bad enough that time my mom heard us.

It’s a good thing Dan bought me that doggie bone gag for my birthday this year, I may need it to chew on to relieve the frustration at the rate we’re going. Heh.

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Just A Quick Check

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In case anyone is wondering what happened to me and the big spanking event of ’06, I’m wondering the same thing so don’t feel alone. I’m actually quite bummed about this taking so long to happen.

First, I was busy beyond belief, and then about the time I was ready to celebrate some free time with a good spanking, I came down with some stupid bug. I even took that darn flu shot this year, too. And I don’t take shots unless I have to. Grrrr!

Anyway, I need to spend some time recuperating so I can get back into my usual spanking form. I’m just worried I won’t be well in time for Thanksgiving day and that just won’t do. I’ve got pies to bake and a turkey to stuff!

Dan thinks a couple of days to rest and relax will do wonders for me. That means for the next couple of days I’ll get to sleep in and be a bum all day. Dan said so. Which means, I better…or else, as he says. I’ve got enough spanking to look forward to when I’m well enough without adding to the count. Heh.

I will be back soon, hopefully with pictures! Until then, all I can offer is a photo from my collection. I don’t know what it is that I like about that photo, but I like it so I’m sharing. Enjoy!


The Spank Vote Results Are In!

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And the winner is…*drumroll*…the Lexan Cane! Eeeeek!


The final tally was 56 strokes! Double “Eeeeeek!”

Wow! Thanks to everyone for voting and helping me have a lot of fun. Well, the real fun is yet to come, but I’ll tell y’all more about that later. Unluckily, right now I’m exhausted and need to get some sleep. When I’m able to make more sense, I’ll be back. I just wanted to get the results posted. Yay!


The Rattan Canes?

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Yes, I know I left out the rattan canes when selecting the voting nominees. I decided the acrylic cane was enough cane. I may have been influenced by some entertaining spanking movies though. There were some nice cane marks, but ummmm no, thank you! I’ve got to spend too much time on my bottom for the next couple of weeks.

Not that a good strapping is all sweetness and light, but I’ll take my chances. Whew!

I’ve got limited access right now but I’m hoping to get back online later this week. If you’re a new commenter and you haven’t seen your comment yet, it’s probably in moderation and I have very limited access so I can’t approve it just yet. I’ll get them all approved as soon as I can, I promise!


Can I Get Extra Spanks For Mistakes?

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Oops! I made a couple of wee mistakes in my Spank Vote ’06 post.

One, I forgot to include a crop.

Two, I mislabled the lexan cane as an acrylic cane. I don’t have a clue what the difference is, but Dan seems to think it’s important. *wink*

Three, I called the BC paddle the CB paddle because I bought it at Cracker Barrel and that’s what some other spankos I know call it. But Cracker Barrel doesn’t carry them anymore so should they really still be called CB paddles? It’s very confusing, isn’t it? That’s my excuse anyway.

Okay, that should be it! I’m not going to be online for the next couple of days so if you comment and you don’t see it appear, it’s in moderation and I’ll approve it once I get back online again. Please feel free to go ahead and vote though. It’s like a secret ballot for the next couple of days. Heh.

Have fun and I’ll be back soon!


Spank Vote ’06

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Here are the nominees!

1) Leather Flogger

2) Large Strap

3) Tawse

4) Clear Acrylic Lexan Cane (aka faulty Star Wars light saber) I just found out it’s a lexan cane, not acrylic. Oops!

5) SchoolMaster Strap

6) CB Paddle

7) Jokari Paddle

8) Leather Rose Paddle

9) Razor Strop

Not pictured:
10) Riding Crop This is a late entrant…’cause I forgot it when I was getting the toys together. Whoops!

Since I’m right in the middle of a big project and couldn’t participate in the Love Our Lurkers day festivities as I would’ve liked to, I’ve decided to go ahead with Spank Vote ’06 as I proposed earlier.

Here’s what you can do to help a greedy spanko get some good spanking: Post a comment voting for any of the above implements. At the end of the week (next Sunday), I’ll tally the votes and announce the winning toy next Monday. Every comment, no matter which toy was voted for, will count toward the final spank count. Dan will then give me that many spanks with the winning toy.

This is a chance for those of you who haven’t commented before to do so for a good cause and give those of you who comment regularly even more reason to comment this week. You’ll all have a whole week to get your vote in!

If you already delurked or voted in my previous post, your vote will still count here. If you’re a new delurker, your comment will probably get held up in moderation until I can get to my computer later this week, but it will definitely count.

Also, you can vote more than once. Since some comments might get held up in moderation, there could be a surprise result. It might get interesting. I’m curious to see who votes for what toy. If y’all are real nice, I might even post some after pictures.

And if no one votes, oh well, I’ll just tell Dan everyone voted for one of my favorites and give him a reasonable number. Heh.


It’s Love Our Lurkers Day

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If you’ve ever thought about testing the waters and commenting on a blog but have been hesitant, this may be your day! Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts is having a Love Our Lurkers Day. She’s invited lots of other bloggers to participate and has listed them on her blog so if you’re interested, click on over and join the party.

Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a big project this weekend (I should’ve already been out the door) or I’d join in. Believe me, I’d rather be here luring you lurkers out of the shadows.

I even had a plan that would ensure we’d all be happy. I was going to ask every lurker who was willing to come out and comment to vote on a toy I’ve blogged about. Every lurker would count as one swat and the toy with the most votes would be the one Dan would use. It would’ve been so much fun! I’m desperate enough to go ahead with it, too.

But unluckily, I’m not going to have time to approve every comment and give y’all a proper delurking greeting. So unless you don’t mind your that your comment may be hidden in moderation for several days until I have time to sit down at my computer again, and then wait some more for me to tally the vote, this might not be the best plan.

But if you like the secret voting system, by all means, delurk and help give me a spanking. Goodness knows I need one! I should be over this cough by then, too. I’ll even keep the voting open for a whole week of delurking! Yay!

Btw, ff you’ve already had a comment published, your comment will appear immediately. I might even give you a vote in what may later be called, Spanking Vote ’06, if you encourage the lurkers.

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I had written a quick post and just as I hit the publish button, our internet connection went out and my post went off to where all the lost posts go. I didn’t really say much but I’ll try again anyway.

Since we’re both recovering from nasty colds we haven’t had much energy for spanking. The closest we’re getting is a few swats here and there when I get the energy up to do some wiggling.

Dan’s motto is, “If it wiggles, it gets whacked.”

Normally that’s great and I enjoy wiggling just so I’ll get a few whacks here and there during a slow day. The last few days though, when one or the other of us is liable to go off into a coughing fit after just a few spanks, it’s not exactly sexy or worth reporting. Real life rears its ugly head yet again.

It’d be nice if we lived in a perfect spanko world where we never got sick, work never interfered, the spankings always went off without a hitch, and the phone didn’t ring at the most inopportune time (there’s nothing like listening to a message from one of our relatives when trying to get our freak on).

Then there’s the surprising moments when you find out a certain toy that felt great last week suddenly isn’t doing the trick this week. Or if the angle is wrong, or I’m not quite in the right position, sometimes a toy might land wrong and cause me to sqwawk for real. That means the action stops for a bit while we check to see if there’s any real damage and that can put a crimp in the flow of any spanking.

We normally get right back on track though. We’re stubborn when it comes to finishing any spanking. Okay, I’m stubborn, but that’s another story. But those tricky moments are not something I normally remember to put in when I’m sharing.

That’s the reality of spanking and I try to laugh it off when I can. The truth is, I’d rather deal with the less than perfect reality of spanking, than live with the most imperfect reality of not being spanked at all. Been there and done that, thank you very much. I didn’t feel complete and ached for real spanko love. I’ve got it now and I’m happy, bumps in the spanko road and all.

The lack of spanking tales is a result of the reality right now. We’re busy busy busy trying to catch up after being under the weather. I’m looking at a full schedule for the next couple of weeks, some fun mixed with business outings, so that might slow the blogging down a bit. Don’t be surprised to see quite a few picture posts or links to fun stuff because I hate to let my blog get stale. I try to keep it lively when I can.

In the meantime, I’ll keep up the wiggling, hoping we’ll eventually work ourselves up to a longer spanking minus the coughing. It’s amazing the lengths I’ll go to for a good spanking!

Photo courtesy of Classsic images at Skin Video.

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