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After Shower Spanking

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Dan likes to “supervise” my aftershower activities and for the last couple of days his weapon of supervision has been the evil rubber spatula. Words can’t do this nasty object justice so I decided a pic with its evil cousin the CB paddle was in order.


That darn spatula is heavy and wherever it lands, it leaves a concentrated area of burn. It’s not my favorite toy under normal conditions but when I’m fresh out of a long, hot shower, it’s just plain evil. That’s when my bottom is at its most tender so any spanking is more intense than usual. I suppose that’s why he likes after shower supervising so much.

Normally I like it, too. It’s the evil spatula I have a problem with. Heck, sometimes I’ll even go look for Dan to make sure he knows I’m freshly showered and in need of attention. I like running around naked while he chases me until he can get me bent over and give me a nice spanking. It’s a great way to start off my day really. But I could do without the rubber spatula.

It’s bad when any toy makes me wish for the CB paddle but now that I’m looking at that picture, that little wooden paddle is starting to look good. Oh man! What am I saying? I’ve gotta find a way to get rid of that spatula. Next thing I know, I’ll be asking for the Brat Loop! *grin*


Spanking Sweet Talk

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Okay, maybe not so sweet, but it’s funny! I swear I can hear Dan saying this just to see how outraged I’d be. *grin*


And, yes, that is the look I’d have on my face, too! Dan loves saying outrageous things to watch me react. I know he’s teasing but I can’t help but look shocked, surprised, outraged, or whatever else when he says certain things. He’s always quick to let me know he’s kidding but he says he can’t help it. He thinks I’m cute when I’m outraged. Hmph!

The crazy part is, I always end up laughing right along with him. Things can get really fun if he’s spanking me at the time. I’ll get outraged and start to fight but of course I lose and the whole time he’s laughing and teasing me even more. Eventually I’ll start laughing along with him and there’s nothing quite like being spanked while you’re laughing. Now that’s fun!


Do-It-Yourself Love Toy

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Sorry, no spanking tidbit today but I have found something fun you could do if you’re looking for a home project. The Clone A Willy, a do-it-yourself dildo making kit…and it vibrates, too.


Available at Erosboutique in the “New & On Special” section. It’s perfect for those of you who have partners who travel or aren’t always available for those “special moments” in a girl’s life.

They even provide directions that seem easy enough to follow.

“How Does it work?
#1 Mix molding powder with water.
#2 To make the mold insert penis and hold for 60 seconds.
#3 Easily remove your penis and pour in the ‘Liquid Rubber”
#4 Simply slide out your permanent replica.”

I think it’d be handy to have that kind of reminder of your man to keep you company even when he’s away. Besides that, it sounds like making the “replica” would be pretty fun all on its own. I don’t think talking him into the project will be a problem once I let him know how I plan to get him ready for the mold. Heh-heh!


I Got A Pressie!

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I just received a wonderful and totally unexpected surprise – this lovely pink paddle and cuffs set!


They’re absolutely yummy and I couldn’t believe Dan got them for me. I love pink! I was so excited I immediately tried on the cuffs. Which of course gave Dan ideas and he hooked them behind me so he could try out the paddle. It’s light and stingy so it’s going to be perfect for that long good girl spanking I’ve been trying hard to earn.

Hey, I’ve been working hard to get that gg spanking and I think I’m due one. Especially since I just got this beautiful set of toys! Yay!

Sorry, I’m just excited. I love getting presents from my love, especially pretty kinky ones. He bought these from Westward Bound in case anyone’s wondering where Dan does his shopping.

Okay, I’ve gotta get back to work on earning that gg spanking. Busy, busy, busy!


Spanking Machine

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Spanking machines seem to be a pretty common spanko fantasy and since I’m curious about anything spanko, I started looking into them. That’s when I came across the Robospanker. In order to get the full effect, you should click on the “See Spanking Video” link on the bottom left-hand side of the page or follow the Robospanker link to the next page and watch that video. The girl in the video sure seems to enjoy it anyway.

A toy like that could come in handy if you’re between partners or if you’ve completely worn your spanker out with brattiness. I worry about that myself sometimes. What would we do if Dan sprained a wrist or something?

It was bad enough when he got that blister on his thumb from the CB paddle. That was a crazy week, let me tell you. Everytime he wanted to spank me, he’d have to find a toy that didn’t irritate his blister and I’d have to control my giggling when he’d grumble about it. I still haven’t gotten around to sanding the handle down on that paddle so it won’t happen again. Gotta remember to do that. *wink*


Vintage Looks

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As I’ve mentioned before, I love playing dress-up and I often surf the net looking for just the right look for inspiration. I usually have an idea of what I’d like and sometimes I see a picture that captures just what I’m looking for. I’m especially fond of browsing through vintage pictures and I recently found this lovely image.


I found this and was immediately intrigued by it. There’s something about the way she looks. She appears so vulnerable and sexy with her skirts tossed up over her, exposing her bottom in such an enticing way.

In my fantasy wear, I enjoy frilly, ultra feminine outfits. Lingerie with lots of lace, silk, or filmy materials that let me feel girly are my favorites. The best are the ones that allow easy access for spanking and whatever else plays out in my fantasies. *wink*

Lately, petticoats and bloomers have been catching my eye. I especially like the split bloomers that open in back. Those look just about perfect for spanking play to me. Right now I think a set of frilly petticoats over those bloomers would be just the right look I’m dreaming of.

Mmmmm I’m envisioning it right now. Dan finds he can’t spank me through my all my skirts so he bends me over something handy like the sofa arm and procedes to flip the petticoats up over my back. After a quick warm up over my bloomers, he stops and slowly undoes the ties and exposes my tingling bottom. I imagine how my bottom must look framed by my skirts and opened undies. Ahhhhh…

Okay, back to reality! I think I’d better do a little searching and see what I can find. I think I know where to start, too. You can be sure that if I find them, I’ll report back with a shopping review and then a spanking review after that. *wink*


Spanking Fantasies

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This weekend as I was surfing around on the tv, I happened across “McLintock” at just the right moment. John Wayne’s character was just about to lose it and start chasing his wife all over the town in order to give her a spanking. It’s a very entertaining scene and one I’ve always enjoyed.

I remember the first time I saw “McLintock” and what a thrill I got from watching the Duke spank Maureen O’Hara. It was the inspiration for many a fantasy for me after that. A tough guy like John Wayne giving a girl a much needed spanking followed by the happy ending was exactly the scenario I’d been dreaming of. The way the spankings in that movie were seen as reasonable reactions that led to happy resolutions made me feel like my fantasies weren’t so wacky after all.

I knew spanking wasn’t everyone’s idea of a good time since not all love stories included the heroine getting her bottom smacked, but I knew it was always going to be a part of my idea of love. Over time, my fantasies changed as I did. For me, just about any male authority figure was fuel for my daydreams. I can remember how an episode of Star Trek (“Elaan of Troyius”) sparked a whole series of fantasies about Captain Kirk because he threatened an obnoxious alien with a spanking.

While other girls were dreaming of the perfect guy who would romance them with roses and candy, my fantasy man would romance me with a much firmer hand. When I think back on it, these fantasies have been with me most of my life. Which convinces me that I was a spanko from the beginning. It’s not something I developed into, it’s who I am.

Even now, although I’ve found the spanko man of my dreams, there are still some fantasies we’ve yet to play out and I’m always coming up with new ones. That’s okay though, I have a very willing partner and a good supply of toys. *grin*


Kinky Catwoman

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As part of Super Hero Spanking Month, I was surfing around the net and found some very entertaining images. These images especially caught my eye. I’d forgotten what a sex kitten Catwoman was. Here’s a very sexy image of her with her cat-o’-nine-tails whip.


She was inventive,too. It seems her utility belt could do double duty.


Hmmm I wonder how Batman really liked that? *wink*


Superhero Spanking Month

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Invidia has declared June is Superhero Spanking Month and I decided to get in on the fun. Here’s my contribution.


If he’s the “man of steel” I wonder what a spanking from Superman would be like? Hmmmmm…

The more I think about it, I might have to take a more active part in this. I have some cute Supergirl panties among my collection. I bet if I put those on and wiggle a little in Dan’s face I could get my very own “super” spanking. Heeheee!


Carpet Beaters

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In the comments, Ben requested help finding a carpet beater. I’m happy to help a fello spanko whenever I can so I found a couple of links for y’all.

We own a nice rattan one that Dan ordered from here. What I found interesting was that although they listed all the functional uses of this carpet beater, I have the feeling the people who sell them know full well what else they can be used for. After its list of uses they tell us, “They are also great fun.” I really doubt they were referring to beating carpets.

Dan gave me mine on Valentine’s Day last year and was so sweet about it, too. The way he wrapped it, it looked like a big heart on a stick. We haven’t played with it much since last summer and that was many, many spankings ago so I can’t remember exactly what it felt like. Hmmm may have to go dust it off and give it another try.

What I’d really like is it’s leather cousin, Josephine.


I found this carpet beater here at Venus Envy among their power play items. I like the way it looks and after reading the reviews, I want one.

What can I say? I *like* my leather toys!


Little Spanking – Lots of Snuggling

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Things are quiet here but very cozy. Since I’m not quite up to playing yet, we’re taking it easy. I’m getting in lots of reading and snuggling time which is great. I’m also looking through music so I can burn some cds. All the low key stuff I never have time to do.

Besides a swat here and there, not much spanking though…darn it! But if nothing else, I can read about it. One of my friends, Brooke Ray, started her own blog, Trinkets and Treasures and has posted some of her spanking stories there. I think I’ll lose myself in her writing while I listen to some of my favorite music. It sounds relaxing but if I know Brooke, those stories will just give me naughty ideas for what to do when I’m fully recuperated. *grin*


Great New Spanking Toy

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We recently received this wonderful new toy from John at Leather Thorn Paddles.


It’s called a Rat Tail. Doesn’t it look yummy? It’s really fun because it delivers a delicious lasting sting when used moderately. Which is all we’ve done so far. Dan’s been promising to use it a little harder whenever we get the chance and I’m really looking forward to that.

We also got a Brat Loop which is as intense as Patty warned about. Man! That’s one serious toy if used with any intensity. Which Dan was happy to do at the first opportunity. He said he just wanted to see what kind of mark it would leave. Well, it left two rounded welty lines on my bottom that were tender for an entire day. Ouchie!

I wish we could hurry up and have a long session with these toys, but unluckily that’ll have to wait a little while. I’ve been under the weather which has left me feeling low energy. It’s getting better every day though so I ought to be back in action very soon.

Needless to say, Dan’s very pleased with both toys and like me, can’t wait for an opportunity to really make use of them. I can already tell I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with that loop. As for the Rat Tail, I think that may become one of my new favorite toys. I’ve always been a sucker for leather and John makes some of the best I’ve ever played with. We’re gonna have fun with these, I just know it!

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