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Delays On That Spanking Report

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So here’s a pretty picture instead! Sorry about the delay but I’ve been a bit under the weather. Darn it! I was so happy after the big caning, I had new toys to play with and was looking forward to getting lots and lots of spankings for awhile.

Then I went and caught another stupid cold. I think it was more like the flu actually. Whatever it was, I’m still not completely healthy yet. Grrrrr!

I hate winter.

So instead of being able to report on the effects of all my new toys, I’ve just been looking at them and wishing. Luckily the rest of you in blogland have been keeping me entertained. I’d list you all but I’d have to list every link I have up right now. I have a new friend named Lizzie who has been posting her stories on Kinky Fairy Tales and I’ve been enjoying that.

I’ve been taking it easy on the online shopping though. My Ebay shopping has already gotten me in too much good trouble as it is. I just love my new razor strop!

I think I’m on the way to recovery so hopefully by the weekend I can report on my Valentine toys. Does anyone out there know much about the delrin canes? I’ve only gotten a tiny taste of each of them and I’m curious now. I know, I know, I’ll find out for myself soon enough! I really think they’re going to be ouchie.


I Forgot Something!

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Whoops! I forgot to mention that Dan found all of these new toys via our friend, Kaya. She got a Misery Stick for Christmas and after posting about it, Dan just had to get one, too. I guess I should’ve known from the title of her post that it was going to live up to its name.

The site the toys came from is called Prysm Creations for those of you who have asked.

Ummm thanks, Kaya…I think! *wink*


My Other Valentine Presents

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Besides that epic caning, I received a few other Valentine goodies from my honey.


Obviously Dan had canes on the mind when he did his Valentine shopping! The top three canes are delrin canes, that skinny little thing under them is something called a Misery Stick, then there is the rattan loop, and the last two are Japanese bamboo tongue clamps.

We haven’t tested these toys out too much yet, but so far it’s been interesting. The big cane is very thuddy and has quite an impact and the smaller canes are very stingy. I have the feeling that the Misery Stick is probably going to live up to its name. Go figure! That rattan loop thing delivers a nice burn so I’m very interested to see how it feels when really used. As for the tongue clamps, let’s just say, they’re not only for using on tongues. I guess that’s why he bought two of them. *wink*

I’m planning to post more about the big caning before the weekend is out. The pictures tell most of the story but I thought I’d fill in the blanks. That is if we don’t get sidetracked tomorrow night, I’d really like to break in some of those new toys, you see. Then I’ll really have something to tell, I’m sure!


The Big Caning

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Okay, I’m totally exhausted but I wanted to get these pics posted asap. We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day which was highlighted by the Big Caning! I know it’s been a long time coming so I thought I should post the photos tonight.

Here’s my right side taken while I was lying over the arm of the sofa complete with a close up of the marks.



Now here’s the left side.



It was quite an epic caning as you can sort of tell by the pics. I must say, it was a Valentine’s Day to remember! If I can sit tomorrow I might even get around to thanking all of you who voted. Heh.

I’ll post details later but right now I’m sleepy and my bottom is sore so I’d like to get to bed so I can cuddle with my honey. Dan’s really enjoying my welts and is looking forward to rubbing them all night. I am kind of looking forward to it as well, if you want the truth. I think my greedy bottom may finally be satisfied. It better be anyway!

Good night and I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s!


A Greedy Bottom Went Shopping…

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As Dan reported on his blog, I have new toys that I bought while I wasn’t getting enough spanking. That’s about as good an idea as going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. My greedy bottom led me to buy some things I really didn’t need, but I sure did want them!


First here’s this lovely new saddle style bar stool I found online. It’s perfect for bending over and once Dan pushed me over it, my bottom was the perfect target for spanking. That bottom rung is great for hanging onto, which I found handy once I was over it.

Unluckily, I’d also been to the craft store looking for things to keep me busy. That’s where I found that big paddle. I was going to paint it and make a nice “Welcome” sign out of it. Now it’s Dan’s new favorite wood paddle.


It’s huge! It’s 3/4″ thick, over five inches wide on the business end, and almost two feet in total length. That ruler in the photo is an eighteen inch ruler so you can see how big the paddle is next to it.

What was I thinking? Dan practically chortled when he saw it and couldn’t wait to apply it to my bottom. It turns out it’s very very ouchie. Once he had me bent over that stool, he gave me eight swats that had me dancing like crazy by the last one…very ouchie!


Here’s the hairbrush Dan mentioned in that post. Isn’t it lovely?


As you can see, it’s about 9″ in length and very well varnished. When I saw it in the store, my greedy, greedy bottom was just itching for me to buy it. So, of course, I did.

When Dan first put me over his knee and started spanking me with that thing, I couldn’t believe how badly it stung. I haven’t had a good spanking in some time, but I had no idea that brush was going to effect me like that. I was kicking and yelping like I haven’t in a long time!

That’s when Dan put me over the sofa arm. Whenever he’d spank my thighs, I couldn’t help but squeal and arch up, and then Dan would lift me a little and push me further over the arm. That put my bottom in an even better position for spanking.

It didn’t help that he decided that would be a good time to address one of my little misdeeds that I’d been promised a spanking for. He was spanking away with that nasty brush and asking me questions that I could barely answer.

My bottom was on fire and he was asking me if I thought it was a good idea to do what he told me from now on. I was yelping and trying to answer right, but all I really remember is saying, “Yes! Owieee! Yes!”

I really can’t believe how much that thing stings! Afterward, it felt like my bottom was actually scorched. It hurt so bad that even while Dan was hugging me afterward, I could hardly stand still. I was so grateful it was over, I pushed him into his big recliner, got down on my knees and gave him a nice blow job. I don’t know if it was all that lecturing along with the spanking, but I really wanted to do that. Funny how that works.

Then, silly but still greedy me, had to go and show him my new razor strop. It felt nice and flexible so I thought it’d be a really nice toy. Wrong!


That strop is heavy and lands with a terrible burning thud. It didn’t take long for me to beg Dan to stop. When he finally did stop, my bottom was feeling extremely sore and tender so I asked Dan as nicely as I could to please rub it a little. Which he was kind enough to do. He rubbed some other things, too, so it all ended wonderfully. For me, there’s nothing better than being made love to when I have a sore, aching bottom.

I’ve about decided my bottom is completely out of spanking shape because it’s still a little tender. My big Valentine’s Day spanking is going to be very interesting.

60 strokes? I may have to buy a new pillow for my computer chair if I plan to tell y’all all about it anytime soon. A really big fluffy pillow might be in order actually.


Spanking Days Are Here Again!

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Our long spanko nightmare is over and my bottom is now in training. After weeks of no spanking activity while we provided caregiving to a loved one, we are on our way back to our regular routine. We’re still providing some caregiving, but it’s been scaled down quite a bit.

We’ve been spending some quality time together and spanking is slowly making its way back into our normal daily routine. As you all well know, I have that big spanking of 60 strokes with the lexan cane to look forward to and I want to assure you all, it’s been scheduled. We’ve decided that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for that bit of fun. Yay!

In the meantime, we’re working our way back into the usual routine. I’ve been getting quickies as we get my bottom in shape for the big spanking to come. I’ll go into this later, right now I’ve got to run some errands…and my bottom is ever so slightly warm and tender. Woo-hoot!

Sorry, you all will have to excuse me but I’m in the mood to celebrate. Dan had me dancing earlier as he applied one of our newest toys to my needy bottom and I’m still feeling rather giddy from all the attention…wheeeee!


Lack Of Spanking = Ebay Overkill

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With so much free time on my hands and my need to be spanked becoming more intense by the day, I’ve been spending way too much time shopping and dreaming of new implements. Ebay is an amazing resource for someone like me; a greedy bottom on the prowl.

I can’t believe some of the stuff you can find there! I’ve been picking up new paddles of every kind. I even got some new Jokari paddles. It’s gotten so bad, I’m having another contest at the Den so I can get rid of some of my loot. It’s a Valentine contest, of course. That makes sense to me; there’s nothing better on Valentine’s Day than a bright red bottom.

But even with all that extra loot, I can’t help but look around for new items. Now look what I found!


I need that coffe table! I think it would be inspiring and perfect for our living room. I just bought this awesome saddle seat bar stool that is just right for bending over and I think the table would go with my new decor. You see, I’m redoing our house in all spanko decor.

I’ve decided if I can’t be bent over it, spanked with it, or inspired to be spanked by it; it doesn’t belong. I’m not sure if our guests will figure it out or not, but right now I don’t really care. I’m a greedy bottom and I’m not afraid to show it…at least until I get some spankings and it cools me down. Or should I say heats me up? Either way, I’ll take it.

Until then, it’s back to shopping. Heh.

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